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How to Facilitate Personalized Event Experiences Through Matchmaking


Written by CadmiumCD Contributor Pamela Shigeoka

This article is based on an earlier webinar. View the recording here.

With so many events happening in a hybrid space, event organizers want to do everything they can to facilitate a great networking experience for attendees. With CadmiumCD's new matchmaking capabilities within eventScribe, you can create a personalized networking experience for each and every attendee based on their own preferences.

This not only benefits your attendees; it can also help you deliver ROI to your exhibitors, too. Let's take a look at the new matchmaking features in eventScribe and how your attendees and exhibitors can benefit from this new way of networking.

The Attendee Experience

With eventScribe, every conference begins with the My Experience page. This new feature works as a personalized dashboard for each attendee, tailored to their preferences. At a glance, they can see the most relevant sessions, exhibitors, and other information to help guide them through your event.

The very first time someone logs into eventScribe, they'll be prompted to create their attendee profile. They'll be asked to pick educational tracks, exhibitor categories, and networking preferences. This allows you to tailor each attendee's experience based on their preferences.

The "My Experience" Page in eventScribe

When planning your event, you can set up different educational tracks based on your event's sessions. These categorization options establish a way for you to make sure that attendees are matched with the sessions that best fit their educational interests and needs. When an attendee creates their profile, the educational tracks that they choose will let eventScribe determine which sessions are displayed with percentage-based recommendations. This creates a personalized schedule for each attendee.

Attendees can also select a number of exhibitor categories during profile creation. Their category choices will generate a list of recommended exhibitors that fit their interests, again based on percentages generated by eventScribe. They won't have to sift through dozens of exhibitors to find the ones that they're most interested in; CadmiumCD's networking tools will do the leg work for them.

Personalized Attendee Experience Recommendations 

Networking preferences give attendees complete control over their profile and how their data is used. eventScribe is fully compliant with various data privacy laws. Attendees can choose whether they want to make their profile public, as well as if they want to make matches with peers, colleagues, and/or other persons of interest.

All of this is compiled into the My Experience page. Based on their preferences, it is their hub to access a personalized event experience.

Delivering ROI to Your Exhibitors

One of the biggest benefits of using eventScribe's matchmaking tools is the ease of access to relevant attendee data given to exhibitors. By giving exhibitors access to that data, CadmiumCD's matchmaking delivers ROI to exhibitors. They can easily generate leads and request meetings with attendees before the event, since eventScribe gives them access to the attendee list ahead of time. They can also take advantage of the modern communication tools built into eventScribe to make connections.

Attendee Opt-In Data Available to Exhibitors

View engagement is perhaps the most important data set that exhibitors need. With eventScribe, they can see the number of booth and content views for every attendee who's agreed to share their profile. This is accessible right from their exhibitor portal, and they can use built-in CadmiumCD tools to get in touch with these attendees to schedule meetings and more. They can also export this data at any time to use it for their own analytics.

eventScribe Live's built-in modern communication tools facilitate easy communication between exhibitors and attendees, as well as attendee to attendee communication. Exhibitors can set up meetings with one-on-one video chats with interested attendees, or even text chats if they prefer to use text instead of video, which is a great option for allowing multitasking.

Exhibitor-to-Attendee Video Chats

Once you facilitate those personalized experiences and let the system make recommendations based on these preferences, these tools really help attendees realize the potential of networking at your conference and allows them to take the next step in networking. Your exhibitors will benefit, too, by having access to all the relevant data they need to generate leads and reach out to attendees.

Take the Next Step!

Give eventScribe Live's Personalized Matchmaking & Networking tools a try today to see how they fit into your next digital, face-to-face, or hybrid conference. Request a demo to see how eventScribe Live will work for you.

About Pamela

I am a freelance writer who enjoys dipping my toes into a wide variety of writing subjects. I have an M.A. in English but found that teaching wasn’t for me, so I’m applying my training to writing instead. I’ve been blogging for ten years and have written everything from book reviews to pop culture essays to business topics. In my spare time, I enjoy writing fiction, playing games, and learning new crafts. I live in Corvallis, Oregon, with my husband, daughter, and dog.


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