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Going Digital With Your Show Daily

Michael Doane
Michael Doane

Jenn Waters, editor of and Digital Media Manager for Custom News, recently asked us our perspective on the emergence of digital show dailies. Here’s what we had to say:

There’s still a place for paper, that’s for sure, but it seems everything is going digital. Signage, brochures, and now your show daily too.

What’s driving this change? Technology of course! Mobile apps in particular.

Event apps have become something of a standard conference tool in the past few years. Meeting planners love them because they can easily update important information, attendees now expect them because they add value to their experience, and exhibitors can’t get enough of the visibility apps give them.

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Event Management

Michael Doane

Michael Doane is a writer, marketer, and web developer who has fallen in love with the events industry. At CadmiumCD he teaches meeting planners about the benefits of event tech. As Marketing Manager


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