CadmiumCD Introduces New Digital Session Displays at SPI Conference

Meeting planners now have a single solution for managing data collected from presenters and displayed on digital signage around their conferences

Forest Hill, MD, October 30, 2014 – Digital session displays, a relatively new technology for the conference industry, are expected to soon become the standard. Cardboard and paper signs that mark presentation rooms, much like paper conference proceedings, will soon be phased out in favor of digital displays outside meeting rooms.

CadmiumCD proved this at Solar Power International (SPI) last week with the introduction of their eventScribe Digital Signage. Speaker biographies and session details were pulled directly from CadmiumCD’s Conference Harvester event management system, saving SPI event planners the hassle of using multiple systems.

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“With other digital displays, meeting planners must use a different software than they used to actually manage their event,” says Michelle Wyatt, CadmiumCD CEO. “But for the past decade we’ve been moving toward a completely integrated software solution that reduces the number of steps needed if certain details change. CadmiumCD’s digital displays for example pull information directly from the Conference Harvester, which is used to manage presentation data.”

At SPI, CadmiumCD was able to demonstrate the power of their software when paired with Digital Displays. Presentation and speaker information was displayed on 40″ TV screens placed outside each room using the same data that speakers themselves uploaded to the Conference Harvester system in the months prior to the conference.

Attendees could easily find the room they were looking for, make sure it was the session they wanted to attend, then scan a QR code directly on the display using CadmiumCD’s eventScribe Mobile App where they could access handouts and take notes directly on presentation slides.

“Attendees enjoyed how easy it was to navigate the conference and access educational materials,” says Aimee Gabel, SPI’s Director of Education. “And I was relieved that what was displayed on the digital signage changed automatically to reflect current and upcoming sessions.”

CadmiumCD’s eventScribe Digital Signage is time-sensitive and uses an internal clock to determine which session details should be displayed on each screen. The screens themselves are given an identification numbers so that organizers know exactly what data will be displayed at any given time.

If you’d like to find out how you can start using the Conference Harvester to build beautiful session displays at your conferences today contact CadmiumCD at 1-877-426-6323 or

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