Increasing Higher Ed Student Engagement with Educational Video Content

increasing student engagement

Video is one of the fastest-growing forms of content worldwide. With more than 86% of universities and colleges maintaining a presence on YouTube, it’s clear that video is here to stay, especially in higher education.

But videos are not always enough to drive student engagement on their own. In fact, increasing student engagement begins with a winning video strategy that targets best practices, including proper organization.

This article will explain how video increases student engagement and showcase five major formats of content that will keep higher ed students interested in what you have to say.

The discussed topics are:

  • The benefits of educational videos
  • Types of video content for better engagement
  • Hosting solutions for educational video content

The Benefits of Educational Videos

The ROI of video has been studied for decades. Video marketing statistics are showing some of the highest amounts of student engagement ever recorded.

  • On social media platforms like Instagram, video generates the greatest amount of consumer engagement.
  • Video engagement drops with length. About 60% stop watching by the two-minute mark.
  • Shorter videos do better in the marketplace. Roughly 68% of people will watch a full video under sixty seconds long, increasing engagement.
  • About 52% of digital marketers believe that video has the best ROI out of all forms of content.
  • Videos are 1,200% more effective at engaging an audience than text and audio combined.

Keep in mind that video content is only as effective as its organization. Video content that is properly organized and easily retrievable may lead to far better student use and outcomes.

If you are dedicated to creating high-quality videos for higher ed students, you’ll start increasing student engagement by leaps and bounds.

Types of Video Content for Better Engagement

It’s clear that higher ed students engage with video far better than other content. If you’re looking to boost engagement rates across your organization, rely on these five major mediums.

News Announcements

One of the most obvious uses of educational video is for announcements and current news. Instead of sending a lengthy email or SMS update, engage students with short, sweet, and colorful messages embedded in other content.

Check out these tips for better engagement:

  • Keep it short—no more than thirty to sixty seconds!
  • Be sure students can view videos quickly and safely.
  • Store videos in a properly organized folder.

Events or Activities Features

Are you trying to promote a club event, workshop, or speaker session? Video content is a great way to spread the word. Whether you choose to record previous work or create smaller snippets, video is a great way to hold students’ attention.

To improve engagement with higher ed, keep this in mind:

  • Choose an engaging speaker.
  • Don’t green-screen your backgrounds.
  • Add helpful text.


If you want to share good reviews about your organization, consider harnessing the power of video testimonials. Improve attention spans and boost brand consideration by weaving storytelling into your videos.

Increase student engagement by:

  • Using students who are comfortable on screen
  • Choosing appropriate music
  • Adding closed captions


Video content is the easiest way to create a buzz around your ad. High ed students will appreciate the flexibility and ease of access, especially while on the go. Deploy your long-form ads in organized segments, and keep a close eye on student reception.

Be sure to use all best practices:

  • Don’t use any low-quality pictures.
  • Optimize your video ads for mobile users.
  • Publish ads that are three minutes or less.

Lectures and Guides

Developing videos that highlight recent lectures with associated guides is a big part of increasing student engagement. Record professor sessions, create visual guides, and improve on-screen text to make the biggest splash.

Here are a few other suggestions:

  • Do what you can to make the video quality as high as possible.
  • Intercut the video with helpful images or infographics.
  • Organize the lecture or guide into multiple segments, all accessible from the same link.

Hosting Solutions for Educational Video Content

There are many ways to make your video content engaging and educational for higher ed students, from announcements and events to ads and guides. However, video campaigns still need one last element to see success: organization.

Many universities are challenged to find a hosting platform that supports video content with easy access, secure organization, and long-term analytics. If you’re currently making educational videos for students in a higher ed environment, Warpwire may be the right solution for you.

This easy-to-learn hosting platform has been adopted by some of the biggest universities in the country and continues to be a leading provider of video hosting for campaigns of all types. Easily store and retrieve your content with a few simple clicks, tracking student activity using built-in engagement analytics. Do you need additional video opportunities? Seamless recording functions enable video to be captured through any device, including:

  • Camera Capture
  • Mobile Capture
  • Screen Capture
  • Live Broadcast
  • Zoom Integration

Warpwire’s video platform provides analytics to help you track media assets, media libraries, and system-wide usage. Designed to explore engagement, Warpwire’s reports provide deep insight into how your institution interacts with media.

To see how we can help you better leverage your video content, get in touch with us today!