How Tulane University Leveraged EthosCE’s Learning Group Feature to Give Learners a Personalized Learning Experience

The Challenge: Finding a solution that makes it easy to organize on-demand continuing education courses 

The Region 6 South Central Public Health Training Center at the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine (SPHTM) located in New Orleans, Louisiana, was looking for a learning management system (LMS) that would enable them to efficiently create and host publicly accessible trainings, decrease the amount of tech support needed for administrators and end-users, and empower their future initiatives.  

Through the R6-SCPHTC, Tulane provides more than 200 self-paced training courses available on demand, setting itself apart as one of the rare institutions offering continuing education without cost. It was important to identify an LMS that would empower them to continue delivering these training courses to their learners and make it easy to migrate existing courses into.   

After careful consideration Tulane identified EthosCE, the leading LMS for medical organizations and hospital systems, to help them reach their continuing education goals.  

The Solution: An LMS that empowers them with training support and learning group capabilities 

One of the first things that Tulane noticed about EthosCE was how user-friendly (on both ends of the continuing education process) it was. They loved how easy it was for their team to create courses and how intuitive the interface was for their users.  

Tulane was incredibly organized with their migration to EthosCE by focusing on getting their most popular courses over first, and then working methodically on getting the rest of their courses migrated over. They suggested other organizations migrating to EthosCE should also use this staggered approach to decrease confusion and stress. Tulane cited the EthosCE team as being incredibly helpful during this process by answering any questions they had about the system.

They also attribute their successful migration to the fact they made onboard training mandatory for all Tulane staff so everyone would have the same foundational knowledge. When new staff members joined Tulane, they were able to access the on-demand training and get up to speed quickly.  

Another aspect of EthosCE that Tulane was able to leverage was the Learning Groups feature. Previously, their learners accessed course bundles by sifting through a catalogue, making it hard to find and track related courses. After implementing the Learning Group feature, Tulane created landing pages with all the related courses and other course content learners would need to enroll in.  

They were also able to use learning groups to create hubs for the Region 6 Public Health Leadership Institute and Region 6 Public Health Emergency Preparedness & Response Experts (PHEPR) where cohorts are able to access tailored courses, discussions, news items and resources their members would need. Tulane was also able to automate emails that would remind their users to sign-up for time-sensitive courses.   


The Result: Effective continuing education trainings and a greater reach 

After launching EthosCE, Tulane experienced a significant decline in the number of learners reporting issues accessing and registering for their courses and launching the system. They noticed a similar experience on the admin side, with little to no technical challenges reported.  

Since their adoption of the platform, they noticed that their courses were being reached by different learners globally, and the type of users were growing. They had a good number of both professionals in the Public Health sector and the medical health sector enroll and complete their courses. Public health learning materials tend to focus on an array of topics from different disciplines and backgrounds, and EthosCE enabled Tulane to bring learners up to speed efficiently and effectively. 

As administrator of the Tulane PACE Learning Management System, I am thrilled with the user-friendly nature and seamless ease of EthosCE. The intuitive interface and robust functionality of Ethos CE make managing and navigating our continuing education trainings and course bundles simple and efficient for all users.
David Mora, MS, Instructional Designer & LMS Administrator, Region VI South Central Public Health Training Center


About Tulane University

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