15 Benefits of Using a Video Streaming Platform for Education

video streaming platform for education

Streaming is slowly eclipsing the traditional medium of video. Today, more than 82% of people would rather watch a livestream than any other form of content. This is of particular interest to modern educators, especially as remote learning becomes more widely accepted.

It's clear that video streaming platforms for education have the potential to dramatically increase educational outcomes. However, it can be challenging to get started without a proper knowledge base. In this article, we take a closer look at the benefits of using a video streaming platform for learning purposes.

What is a video streaming platform for education?

Video streaming educational content involves the real-time display of video and chat interactions between teachers and learners. This typically involves synchronous communications where participants actively engage with one another, including:

  • Chat features
  • Synchronous communication
  • Video feedback in real time

Video streaming platforms are extremely popular in the classroom and for good reason. Learners prefer video streaming over in-class alternatives due to it having:

  • A more cost-effective layout, enabling learners to save money by attending virtual classrooms rather than in-person instruction
  • Better flexibility, enabling full-time working learners to return to the classroom
  • Greater accessibility, empowering learners from all walks of life to learn in an environment that suits them best

If current estimates can be believed, streaming platforms will take the educational world by storm within the next few decades.

The biggest benefits of leveraging video platforms

Video streaming platforms can take your organization to a whole new level of development. Here are fifteen of the most impressive benefits of using video streaming platforms in educational settings.

1. Better Quality

When it comes to video, quality is everything. Streaming your educational content can result in far better quality than pre-recorded or captured images.

2. More Inclusive Audiences

When learners can interact in real time, they become far more inclusive of their peers. This leads to a much friendlier environment during lectures and seminars.

3. Multiple Content Uses

Video streaming platforms enable you to create new and unique content with minimal effort. It can be used on multiple occasions, so you can maximize reach and views.

4. Fast and Efficient Feedback

The ability to receive instant feedback from learners means you can continuously improve your educational process over time. This greatly increases the teacher's effectiveness in the classroom.

5. Leveraging Data

Streaming platforms provide hard statistical data that can be used to better understand learner responses and reactions. This enables teachers to develop more effective courses for their demographics.

6. Help Desk

Many streaming platforms offer 24/7 help desk support to teachers, increasing their accessibility and ease of use. This greatly enhances the functionality of your educational streams.

7. Multi-stream Options

Streaming platforms enable you to add an unlimited number of video streams within a single platform. This means multiple classes or content types can be updated to meet evolving needs.

8. Stronger Security

Streaming platforms offer a more secure environment than open sources and public educational tools. Your content is less likely to face malware threats via streaming than pre-recorded platforms.

9. Organized Receptacle

When learners stay within a single platform, they become more organized and manageable. This increases the organization of your online classroom, which is great for educators and decision-makers alike.

10. Potential Global Reach

Streamed content has the potential to reach learners from all over the world. This is a great advantage if you plan on expanding the classroom to new areas.

11. Customizable Playback Options

One of the most significant benefits of video streaming is the ability to control playback options. Learners can watch both in real time or after the fact, depending on their unique needs.

12. Efficient with Money

Video streaming platforms are relatively inexpensive to use, particularly compared to live seminars or prolonged physical instruction.

13. Multiple Integrations

Video streaming platforms are becoming increasingly flexible with integrations. This includes everything from social media to LMS tools, resulting in a rich and rewarding classroom experience.

14. Organizational Options

Video streaming platforms can be used to organize videos and responsive content in a single area. This way, educators can create a more functional environment for teaching purposes and test prep.

15. Easy to Learn

Best of all, video streaming platforms are easy to learn. Usage is extremely straightforward, enabling educators of all skill levels to participate in the streaming process.

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