8 Steps to a Virtual Conference

Written by CadmiumCD Midwest Sales Manager, Eva Montgomery

1. Turn on the Audio Record task for speakers and poster presenters in the Conference Harvester.

Audio Task in Conference Harvester

2. Ask speakers to upload their slides or posters and record their presentation.

Audio Recording Task in Conference Harvester

3. We will process the audio files and link to the eventScribe Website and/or App.

Processed Audio Synchronized with Slides

4. Adjust the wording on the home page of the Website and the App to reflect a Virtual Conference (see how ISSTD did it here).

eventScribe Website Homepage Copywriting

5. Add your Twitter feed on the home page to encourage engagement.

Attendee Sharing a Conference Session on Twitter

6. If you want to add a Live Stream, setup a Zoom or GoToMeeting where your speakers will log into to present. We will redirect to our eventScribe Live feed which attendees can access from the website. 

Live Streaming on the Event Website

7. If you want to recognize sponsors or exhibitors, add a Product Showcase listing (exhibitors can log into the Expo Harvester to upload content — see an example here)

Exhibitor Sponsor Product Showcase

8. If you need to setup a storefront to sell Conference Proceedings audio recordings, we can handle that as well.

Attendee Purchasing Session Recordings

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