CadmiumCD Announces Upgrades to Exhibitor and Sponsorship Management Software at Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition

Expo Harvester Now Features Registration Badge Allocation, Improved Admin Functionality, and More Robust Financial Reporting 

FOREST HILL, MD – CadmiumCD, a leading event technology provider, has announced the launch of upgrades to its popular Expo Harvester software. Over the past six months, CadmiumCD has made many updates to maintain its competitive edge in the trade show sponsorship sales and exhibitor management software market.

“We’ve had a lot of interest in the product from trade show managers,” says Michelle Wyatt, CadmiumCD CEO and co-founder. “Since 2016, we’ve seen a 220% increase in new projects for the Expo Harvester alone.”

A few of the major updates include:

  • Registration Badges – CadmiumCD has added new admin tools for allocating exhibitor registration badges to companies. This allows admins to define the exact amount of registration badges sponsor levels receive with their packages. Exhibitors can also now purchase additional badges after completing the purchase badges task. Prices for these can be defined on a sliding scale to accommodate bulk orders.

Screenshots of assigning a badge to booth staff and creating a badge type

  • Sponsorship Management – The admin tools for sponsorship management have been upgraded and improved. There are now more robust tools for admins to reorder sponsors via drag and drop, copy sponsor levels from past events, easily associate icons with sponsor levels, assign sponsor benefits to packages, and include images in sponsor opportunities.

Screenshots of uploading images to sponsorship items and how they're displayed to exhibitors and sponsors considering purchasing these items

  • Financial Reports – Seven new financial reports were added to the system, so that trade show managers can gain better access to their financial data associated with booth and sponsorship sales (watch the webinar for more information). This helps admins report sales numbers and ROI in more robust ways to their management staff.

Screenshots of financial reports generated by the Expo Harvester

CadmiumCD Project Manager Megan Brodbeck says these changes are a big deal for myCadmium users. “The user-friendly functionality that exhibitors and sponsors have come to love has stayed the same. What’s a big deal is the way we’ve improved the admin tools so that they’re just as easy to use as the front end.”

This type of improvement sets CadmiumCD apart in a market where admin tools still often feel like clunky databases.

“We’re constantly asking ourselves and clients how we can improve the look, feel, and functionality of the system,” says Michelle Wyatt. “We want to be the go-to software provider for trade shows, and we know providing tools that are fun and easy to use while solving real-world problems is how we’ll get there.”

The latest version of Expo Harvester is now available. Schedule a demo with a CadmiumCD representative, or submit an RFP to learn how Expo Harvester can help bring your events together.

About CadmiumCD

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