Digital Options for a Virtual Trade Show

Written by Brad Smoley, Expo Product Specialist at CadmiumCD

For virtual attendee experiences, we’re highly recommending our website and app products.

There are several things the system already does to facilitate a virtual experience. The interactive floor plan, as well as our sponsor and exhibitor listing pages are available in both the app and the website. Each booth/listing provides a popup which can be configured to display exhibitor information. Available info includes the company logo, customizable badges & icons, company description and contact info, social media links, a link to the company website, and a PDF download.

Here’s a little more info about some of these features:

  • Company Logos: you can show the exhibitor or sponsor logo in the company popup from the interactive floor plan or company listing. You can also show sponsor logos right in their booth on the live floor plan. Additionally, if you have an Education Harvester, sponsor logos can be displayed on designated presentations in the eventScribe presentation schedule.
  • Badges & Icons: you can use small custom graphics to recognize or call-out your exhibitors in the company popup and in the exhibitor listings in the app. Maybe you want to identify companies by their sponsorship level, or provide a visual identifier as to what types of products they offer – you define what each icon or badge designates, and then assign them in the Expo Harvester.
  • PDF Download: exhibitors and sponsors can provide a PDF document via a specific task which will display automatically on the company popup. This could be a coupon, brochure, or other marketing piece your exhibitors want attendees to see.

There are also opportunities to provide custom options for display in company popups. We can configure survey tasks to collect information that can then be displayed – links to videos, direct sales contact information, grab bags, etc.

Additionally, there are a couple of paid add-ons which you may find useful (contact your salesperson for more info on pricing):

  • Product Showcase (expo/website): Highlight your exhibitors’ products and services by allowing them to upload images, videos, documents, and other assets. Attendees can browse products on the eventScribe website by Company, Product Type, and more.
  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt (app/website): using the app in conjunction with the website, a virtual scavenger hunt experience can be constructed so that visiting selected exhibitor listings yields the app user certain rewards after answering questions about that exhibitor.

Currently, we are also developing several new Expo Harvester features to help on the administrative side. We are adding a rebooking tool which will allow administrators to move exhibitors from a current event to a future event, while keeping their purchases (booths, sponsorship items & levels, upgrades, etc.) intact through the transfer as credits in the system. We are upgrading the Staff List task to allow for the collection of Sales Person contact info in order to provide direct communication to an exhibitor sales associate. We’re also developing some virtual booking features that would allow company representatives to schedule a meeting and/or speak directly with a sales person on your team via video chat.

Additionally, we are also upgrading the eventScribe floor plan to include some new sponsorship opportunities, such as a scrolling list of sponsor logos appearing in the footer.

There will be announcements and a webinar about the new features we are developing in within the next week or so, so stay tuned!