Tapping Into the Force with Event Management Software

Written by Katie Ray, Quality Assurance and Client Success Specialist at CadmiumCD

With the release of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens, just days away, everyone is getting into the spirit. Since the franchise began in 1977, these movies have inspired everything from Halloween costumes and popular collectibles, to birthday parties, weddings, and even Disney theme parks.

And what do all of these things have in common? They require planning, and lots of it. From the buttons on R2D2 down to the last hair on Chewbacca’s head, every tiny meticulous detail must be correct, much like a conference or trade show.

Wouldn’t event planning be so much easier if you could use “the Force” ? Actually, you can. But for technical purposes, let’s just refer to it as Event Management Software.

So exactly how is using Event Management Software like tapping into the Force?

1. It comes equipped with your own personal Yoda

Tapping Into the Force with Event Management Software: Your Own Personal Yoda.

Actually, they’re usually referred to as project managers, but like Yoda, they can help you stay on task and offer some great advice during those stressful moments.

2. Your team will be unstoppable

Tapping Into the Force with Event Management Software: Unstoppable Events Team.

With features like customizable task lists and simple upload software, your speakers, reviewers, and exhibitors will all be on the same page.

3. You won’t get caught in an email crossfire

Tapping Into the Force with Event Management Software: Getting Caught in the Email Crossfire.

Instead of wasting time trying to track down attachments and solidify plans via email, you can send a Boomerang and have everything delivered to one cohesive location. High five!

4. You’ll be able to spend more time on yourself

Tapping Into the Force with Event Management Software: Do You Feel Like Chewbacca After Your Events?

Without the hassle of constantly sending emails or phone calls to make sure everyone is on track, you can focus on getting your beauty sleep or possibly trying a new hairstyle.

5. Your competitors will be convinced that you’re working for the dark side

Tapping Into the Force with Event Management Software: Your Competitors Will Think You've Gone to the Dark Side.

Your event will run so smoothly that it may seem like some evil force is at work, but it’s really just your jedi mind tricks at play.

6. You can’t wait to get back out there and do it all again

Tapping Into the Force with Event Management Software: You're An Event Planning Jedi.

Even though it can be rough at times, this is what you live for. With the force on your side, planning your next event is like cutting through butter with a lightsaber.

May the Force Be With You!

Get out there and manage your next conference with confidence! You’ve got the Force on your side.

CadmiumCD project manager helping you plan your event like a jedi.

(Yes, that is CadmiumCD project manager, Gary Davis, above helping you plan your events like a Jedi with the Conference Harvester!)

May the force be with you on December 18th 2016! CadmiumCD's mascot CeeDee is celebrating by joining the cause and fighting alongside Jedi's and BB-8.

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