Top 5 Podcasts for Busy Event Planners

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Extraordinary project management is only one skill required to be a successful event planner. Professionals in the industry are known for juggling to-do’s and sidestepping unpredictable roadblocks with amazing agility. With new technologies emerging every day (some that can make the work life of event planners much easier), it’s a good idea to stay on top of current tech trends.

But how does an event planner with very little spare time stay informed? Listening to podcasts is a wonderfully efficient option. Planners can listen while cooking dinner, exercising, or during a commute. The best part is, podcasts are free and can be easily accessed on most digital devices. We’ve identified five of the best podcasts for event planners.

1. Event Tech Podcast

Hosted by EventHero co-founder, John Federico, the EventTech Podcast is perfect for staying up to date on event technologies.

Host(s): John Federico

Hosted by the CEO/Founder of EventHero, this podcast is ideal if you want to stay up on event technologies. Though the podcast has been around for just a few years, the guest list is quite impressive including the VP of Marketing from Eventbrite, the CMO from Social Tables, Julius Solaris of Event Manager Blog, and CadmiumCD’s Michelle Wyatt. The conversations are relevant to almost all event marketers today and are loaded with valuable insights. John Federico, the CEO of EventHero does a superior job of interviewing guests and extracting the juiciest tips from them.

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2. PlannersPod

Hosted by Metropolis Live's Toby Goodman and James Eager, the PlannersPod Podcast is a great place to catch exciting interview with meeting industry experts.

Host(s): Toby Goodman & James Eager

“Where Event Professionals Share Trade Secrets”

Toby Goodman & James Eager are exceptional hosts on the PlannersPod Podcast. Similar to the Event Tech Podcast, they typically interview exciting industry experts. With hip guests like productivity guru James Schramko and renowned wedding planner, Louis Perry, PlannersPod’s guest list is both eclectic and diversified. PlannersPod listeners will be exposed to a variety of topics explored in industries ranging from photographers and caterers, to ticket vendors and even make-up artists.

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3. Savvy Event Planner Podcast

Hosted by entertainer Tom Crowl, the Savvy Event Planner Podcast is a fun take on event planning.

Host(s): Tom Crowl

Tom Crowl, the host and creator of the Savvy Event Planner Podcast knows how to entertain. His welcoming demeanor, combined with his years of experience in event planning, are a perfect combination that will surely make this new podcast a planner favorite. Tom has co-authored several books and has an online course on the art of ventriloquism.

The series is fairly new, so you’ll be able to catch up on anything you’ve missed. The Savvy Event Planner expands upon the hard skills needed as a professional event planner to explore broader concepts, including social media skills, productivity pointers, and improving your memory as a planner.

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4. Exposure Podcast

Hosted by the Expo Group's Dana Freker Doody and Todd Carruth, the Exposure Podcast is a great look at current event industry news from a trade show perspective.

Host(s): Dana Freker Doody & Todd Carruth

The Exposure podcast, by The Expo Group is the perfect dose of event industry news. Not only does the podcast cover industry news, but Todd and Dana dig-in on important event planning topics. Overall the podcast is well-balanced, entertaining, and educational.

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5. The Meetings Podcast

Hosted by former AV guy, Michael McAllen and his sidekick John Trask, the Meetings Podcast delivers fun interviews with meetings industry experts.

Host(s): Mike McAllen & Jon Trask

The Meetings Podcast is the longest running event planning podcast to date. McAllen and Trask deliver new topics every week that are engaging and informational. The Meetings Podcast usually has an interviewee who speaks on a particular topic. Regardless of your specialty, you’ll be able to find something to suit your curiosity.

The January 20th 2016 episode – Maarten Vanneste, Always Working For Yourself – is a great episode to begin your listening journey. Vanneste is an expert in all areas of the event industry!

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