17 Inspiring Quotes from 17 Influential #Eventprofs

It’s that time when people around the world start looking ahead to next year and start making their new year’s resolutions.

With so many companies investing in users group conferences, training meetings, member conventions, product trades shows, and other annual or monthly events, this is the perfect time to dive in and see what the people who have made waves in our industry are saying.

We looked at what the most influential #eventprofs have been saying in 2015 to come up with a list of 17 event planning resolutions for 2016.

Okay, let’s jump in and find out what some of the top #eventprofs are saying about meeting planning, technology, and life in general!

1. Bring People Together

Inspiring quotes from event planners: Liz King of TechsyTalk says eventprofs must bring people together.

Quoted from 2 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Need Events.

Many small businesses are already getting great exposure through social media and other networking channels, but there is still a LOT of power in face-to-face events. Bringing together people at an event is an important way to expand your brand exposure… There is NOTHING like making a face-to-face connection with one of your fans… If they attend an event and make great connections, feel inspired, are impressed by your work – they will come back again and again.

2. Nurture Your Speakers

Inspiring quotes from event planners: Julius Solaris of Event Manager Blog says eventprofs must nuture their speakers.

Quoted from Dear Event Planner, I Hate You. Sincerely, Your Speaker..

Speakers are the core of your meeting or conference experience. You should nurture them, spoil them and request action when appropriate. Your duty as a professional event planner is to carefully select who will perform at your event and to fully support their content. Your attendees perceive how much you believe in the speakers and will react accordingly.

Julius Solaris, Event Manager Blog (@tojulius)

3. Invest In Yourself

Inspiring quotes from event planners: David Adler of Bizbash says eventprofs must invest in themselves.

Quoted from Are You an Event Planner or a “Programmer of Human Interaction?”

I attend events not just to network and meet people, but also to invest in myself and build my own intellectual capital away from the constant pressures of being the C.E.O. of my company.

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4. Be Open to Technology

Inspiring quotes from event planners: Liz King of TechsyTalk says eventprofs must bring people together.

Quoted from Connect Meetings Intelligence INSIDER SERIES

Excel doesn’t cut it anymore. I think it is awesome that our event planners are looking at mainstream platforms to help them be more productive.

5. Think About Attendees

Inspiring quotes from event planners: Jeff Hurt of Velvet Chainsaw says eventprofs must think about their attendees.

Quoted from The Future Conference Is About Increasing Attendees’ ROI

The future conference is not about the environment, the furniture, the venue, the audio visual or the technology. The future conference is about increasing the paying attendee’s ROI. The future conference is about helping the attendee transfer and apply their conference learning to their job.

6. Know You Are Great

Inspiring quotes from event planners: Keith Johnston of Plannerwire says eventprofs must know they are great.

Quoted from Cool Tools for Meeting Planners

Meeting Planners are awesome. We are a select group of people that might be based in Chicago, traveling to the Bahamas, and connecting with someone in Hong Kong – All on the same day. It is a wonder that we even know where we are, never mind what time it is half way across the globe.

7. Find Your Key Points

Inspiring quotes from event planners: William Thomson of Gallus Events says eventprofs must find their key points.

Quoted from Understanding Meeting Design

Successful conferences find key points and ensure that they are repeated by most of the speakers. Now obviously this CAN BE BORING unless you have the right speakers; they are well briefed and you use some meeting design to deliver those messages in different formats. But the essence is that, you guessed it, repetition of key themes is important.

8. Stay Connected

Inspiring quotes from event planners: Adrian Segar of Conference That Work says eventprofs must stay connected.

Quoted from The Advantages of Supporting Connection During Meeting Sessions

The need for connection with others is becoming increasingly important as we move to a world where people’s knowledge and expertise are a function of the networks – both face-to-face and online – they possess rather than the contents of their heads. If in our work lives we are spending more time learning socially than being trained in the classroom, our meetings must provide the same relative opportunities.

Adrian Segar, Conferences That Work (@asegar)

9. Follow Your Vision

Inspiring quotes from event planners: Corbin Ball of TechTalk Newsletter says eventprofs must follow their vision.

Quoted from Does Technology Promote of Inhibit Good Conference Communication?

In the meeting room, presentation software such as PowerPoint can assist in conveying complex thoughts and can increase retention. Some people are visual learners and the phrase – a picture is worth a thousand words – rings very true. Studies show that sight is the most used human sense.

10. Analyze Your Exhibitors

Inspiring quotes from event planners: Sue Pelletier of MeetingsNet says eventprofs must analyze your exhibitors.

Quoted from 6 Signs Your Conference May Be In Jeopardy

Think of exhibitors as investors in your event. If less than 65 percent of your exhibitors are willing to reinvest in your event year over year, you may be in trouble. That indicates that you are no longer attracting the people they most want to see, their main reason to invest in your event.

11. Create An Experience

Inspiring quotes from event planners: Annie Byrne of Exhibition News says eventprofs must creat an experience.

Quoted from Why Experiences Are a Bigger Part of Us THan Material Goods

Most people assume that when spending their money, a physical object will last longer, and will therefore make us happier for a longer time than a one-off experience like skydiving, or a holiday… One of the reasons why exhibitions and trade shows have battled through the recession and have come out on the other side in a better light, is because it’s all about creating that experience.

12. Encourage Networking

Inspiring quotes from event planners: Adam Parry of Event Industry News says eventprofs must encourage networking.

Quoted from The Event Tech Podcast

80% of the reason people go to events is to network, to meet up with their colleauges, their friends, and their potential customers.

13. Evolve Your Metrics

Inspiring quotes from event planners: Michelle Bruno of Event Tech Brief says eventprofs must evolve their metrics.

Quoted from What Will We Call Face-to-Face Meetings Next?

To continue using one-dimensional metrics – net square feet, number of exhibitors and/or number of attendees – to characterize and measure the growth of the meetings industry ignores the new multidimensional reality and underestimates the potential of the digital audience. New metrics, such as impressions, number of virtual attendees or the size of social networks can vastly improve the value, perception and opportunity of live events.

14. Talk Face to Face

Inspiring quotes from event planners: Stephanie Selesnick of International Trade Information says eventprofs must talk face to face.

Quoted from Why Businesses Need to Invest in Professional Education

There’s always going to be a show or event that conflicts with industry education. Then again, there’s an awful lot of education available year-round. While online is nice, we are in the people to people business. Learning in person is a whole different animal. We all know that synergies in person are not the same as online. It’s the same with education.

15. Stay Passionate

Inspiring quotes from event planners: Rachel Wimberly of TSNN says eventprofs must stay passionate.

Quoted from Why I Love the Trade Show Industry

I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that I am an extremely fortunate person to work in the trade show industry and to wake up every day excited to do my job. The No. 1 reason I love the trade show industry, by far, is the people. This industry has such amazing people working in it, many of whom I am lucky enough to call good friends.

16. Don’t Be Mechanical

Inspiring quotes from event planners: John Federico of Event Tech Podcast says eventprofs must avoid being mechanical.

Quoted from Conferences Are Hotels, Not Airports

How do you want your conference to be remembered – friendly, welcoming and inclusive or a mechanical, faceless series of processes, all in the name of ‘efficiency’?

17. Embrace Technology

Inspiring quotes from event planners: Jim Spellos of Meetings U says eventprofs must embrace technology.

Quoted from Conference Speaker to Address Internet Services at Meetings

It’s a lot easier for millennials to adapt to technology because they’ve grown up with it. But boomers and some Generation Xers have trouble adapting. There’s a struggle to learn it… It’s always moving forward. If you think you know it, you’re showing that you’re pretty clueless about it. Know that things change every day.

Keep On Planning!

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If we missed one of your favorite event industry influencer, please leave a comment below and share a quote from them! Happy New Year!