How to Increase Student Engagement with Video Content

how to increase student engagement

Video engagement rates have been rapidly climbing over the past decade. Today, the average rate is 41% across all verticals. This includes educational video content, one of the most critical media formats for students of higher learning.

Engagement in video significantly impacts the modern university. Studies indicate that higher video engagement percentages are associated with audiences achieving both personal and academic goals. This means many students are striving to become the best that they can be, regardless of their class, degree, or preferred learning format.

While the benefits of educational video are easy to see, developing a streamlined process to increase their engagement is less obvious. It’s often trial-and-error and requires intense attention to detail. However, you may be able to increase your students’ engagement with video content by altering certain approaches to its management.

Let’s explore how to increase student engagement with video content, including the role of management in the process.

All the ways that video management affects engagement

Modern research suggests that certain methods of video management directly affect its overall engagement.

For example:

  • Choosing the right accessibility options gives students greater control over how and when they watch content. This may encourage them to watch and rewatch to get the most out of the lectures, enhancing their outcomes.
  • Implementing dynamic video increases overall attention and buzz. By encouraging students to take in-video tests and quizzes, you can secure 86% higher engagement rates.
  • Picking the right analytics can measure critical KPIs for video consumption. Your organization will be better equipped to track changing engagement rates over time, preparing it for future strategies.

The better your video management is, the better your engagement outcomes will be, equipping students to perform at their maximum level.

How to increase student engagement with your content

With the right tips and tricks, your organization can create video content that's as engaging as it is educational. Here’s how to increase student engagement using proper management techniques.

Create shorter clips

When students are trying to engage with video content, they often want to get right to the heart of the matter. This means keeping videos short, sweet, and to the point.

The optimal duration of an engaging educational video is just under two minutes. You may want to consider breaking longer content into small clips, if possible.

Offer plenty of accessibility

Accessibility is essential to encouraging engagement. If students can't connect with content in a way that makes sense for their lifestyle, they're likely to lose interest quickly.

While making videos, consider text-based or audio captions. You may also want to add subtitles in different languages to accommodate non-native speakers. Be open and mindful of new ideas.

Plug into metric tracking

With modern tools, it’s easier than ever to track video engagement. Most platforms have analytics suites that interpret how and why students are interacting with their content. By understanding which videos are being watched and for how long, you can make better decisions about what content to create in the future.

Build separate repositories

Educational video content can be difficult to organize, especially in an enterprise setting. This gets more complicated the more videos you have, leading to unoptimized videos and less engaging rollouts in the future.

Nip these problems in the bud by immediately moving to a cloud-based storage and management solution. Easily keep track of your educational content by segmenting videos by course, or create unique repositories for each subject or department.

Add integrations for functionality

Consider plugging into integrations that automate processes or enhance videos with engaging add-ons. For example, some learning management systems have built-in features that enable students to take notes or jump to certain segments of the video. Others provide dynamic video options that foster knowledge retention.

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