How to Streamline Your Check-in and Badging Process

Today’s the day! After what feels like an eternity of planning and preparation, your guests can finally come and enjoy everything you’ve put together. Your guest speakers are ready to share their knowledge, booths are set up to welcome all kinds of attendees, and swag bags are lined up. However, there is one crucial detail that leaves a lasting impression before your attendees even arrive—the check-in and badging process.  

If your check-in and badging process makes attendees wait in the rain, download proprietary apps, and provide no sense of direction afterward, they might only remember feeling frustrated and exasperated at your event.  

Keep reading to discover how you can turn a potential hair-pulling experience into a streamlined and fantastic first impression for new and returning attendees. 


1. Don't Keep Anyone in The Dark 

Nothing is more disorienting than arriving at an event without a clear sense of what to do or where to go. To ensure attendees get off on the right foot, provide detailed information about the check-in process well before the event date, along with any other essential details, in a  
“Know before you Go” message. Key information to highlight includes:  

  • Step-by-step check-in and badging instructions 
  • A badge preview link with their check-in QR code 
  • A link to adjust their registration information 
  • Transportation options and rates 
  • A list of guest speakers and program times 
  • FAQs your guests may have related to the event 


2. Put Your Guests Back in Control 

Streamline your check-in process by empowering attendees to check themselves in upon arrival. With just a QR code and a kiosk, your guests can swiftly take control of their check-in experience and seamlessly access the event. 

Set-up Enough Kiosk Stations 
Attendees can arrive in big waves, so anticipate surges. To keep the entrance flowing smoothly and prevent bottlenecks, we recommend installing one kiosk for every 300 attendees. This helps prevent congestion and provides enough support for your event staff to handle any issues or questions guests may have. Additionally, think about where you want your kiosks to be placed. You can place them outside elevators, in partner hotel lobbies, and other off-site locations to ease the flow of people at your entrance.  

Create a One-Stop-Shop  
Once attendees have successfully checked in, enable them to print their personalized badge from the same kiosk. This makes it easy for attendees to seamlessly get their badges without having to go through a separate station.  


3. Make it Easy to Design and Customize Badges 

A personalized event badge is more than just a name tag—it's a way for attendees to showcase their hobbies and interests, build new connections, and enhance the overall networking experience.  

Let Guests Preview their Badges Beforehand 
By allowing your guests to preview their badges before the event, you save valuable time on-site and empower attendees to perfect their badges at their own pace.   

Use Templates to Align with Branding Guidelines 
Implementing badge templates will not only help your guests quickly customize their badges, but it will also maintain consistent aesthetics that aligns with your event’s branding. Attendees will be able to easily spot names, companies, and positions at a glance.  

Include Personalization Options 
Names aren’t the only purpose a badge should have; they should also reflect the individuality of an attendee. Icons are a great way to show their passions, skills, or even dietary preferences. Personalized badges can provide greater opportunities for attendees to make meaningful connections.   


4. Mark Your Check-in Stations Loud and Clear 

Nothing adds to the chaos, quite like not knowing where to line up or where to go next. Eliminate any confusion by installing clear signs and banners that direct attendees where to go. Below are points to consider when creating and placing your signs: 

Placement and Orientation  
Make sure your check-in signs are placed high enough for attendees to easily see, and that they distinctly mark the start and end of lines. Strategic placement is crucial in providing attendees with a clear sense of direction, which helps maintain the flow of people. 

Images and Graphics  
Images and graphics are not only visually appealing but also instrumental in reinforcing your company's brand identity and voice. When designing your signs, use high-quality images and graphics that are striking but avoid creating overly busy or distracting displays. 

Logo and Colors 
Your logo and brand colors are among the first familiar elements attendees recognize upon arrival. They can be a comfort in new surroundings. To leverage this, subtly incorporate your logo into various signs and utilize brand colors to highlight different aspects of the event. 


The Bottom Line

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to make your event stress-free and memorable. Elevate your on-site event check-in and badging experience with Cadmium’s new on-demand Check-in and Badging feature. Attendees will enjoy a smooth check-in process powered by next-gen features such as touchless badge printing, customizable templates, event attendance tracking, and beyond.

Download the guide to learn all about Cadmium’s NEW Check-in and Badging option.