9 New Features to Manage Your Conference Projects

This list was compiled by CadmiumCD Training Manager, Megan Kurtzman

Abstract Scorecard ‘Get Started…’ Copy Theme Checkpoint

A new checkpoint has been added to the ‘Get Started…’ mission for the Abstract Scorecard: Copy Theme. Within this checkpoint you can choose to copy the banner and colors from a previous Scorecard event. If chosen, a multiple number of checkpoints will auto-complete in the ‘Basic Settings’ mission.

Abstract Scorecard ‘Get Started…’ Settings and Tasks Checkpoint

Additionally, a second checkpoint has been added that gives you the option to copy Settings and Tasks from a previous Scorecard event. After they are copied, you can continue making necessary edits and updates. If the new Scorecard is completely different, you do not have to copy Settings and Tasks.

Abstract Scorecard ‘Get Started…’ Submission Guidelines Checkpoint

Lastly, a third new checkpoint gives you the option to submit your submission guidelines or previous submission site URL. If this is a repeat Scorecard, you can complete the checkpoint without adding text or a document.

Abstract Scorecard: ‘Basic Settings’ Mission

A second mission, ‘Basic Settings’ has been released for the Abstract Scorecard. In this mission, you will upload your Event Banner, select your core colors, and enter your Submission Closing Date.

Survey Magnet: ‘Basic Settings’ Mission

The Survey Magnet also has a second mission, ‘Basic Settings.’ Similar to the Scorecard mission, you will upload your Event Banner, select your core colors, and enter your Access Period Closing Date.

Logistics: Create Functions

CadmiumCD’s newly released product, Logistics, launched at the beginning  of 2019. A core feature of Logistics is Functions! You will create Functions for all time blocks or activities happening at your event. Next, you will assign presentations, resources, and/or team members to specific Functions. Logistics checks for conflicts at every step – letting you know if there is a room, speaker, or team member conflict.

Logistics: Tear Sheet Reports

Tear sheet reports within Logistics can be used to print daily schedules for a date, room, and even team member or vendor. Use the various filters on this report to narrow in on the exact set of data that you are looking for. These are great reports to send to your hotel or conference center!

Logistics: Drag & Drop Calendar

The Logistics Drag & Drop Calendar can be used well in advance of collecting submissions. Create functions types and rooms in Logistics, and drag function types onto the calendar to create Functions. This is also visual way of representing your schedule, especially if you color-code it!

eventScribe Mobile App Main Screen Editor

The Main Screen Editor within the administrative side of the Mobile App has officially launched! When you open the editor, you will see a panel of settings on the left-hand side. Dynamically adjust the main screen from tablet to phone, and/or portrait to landscape. Other quick edits include changing the background color, rearranging tiles within a row, and moving rows up and down! And best of all, take advantage of the training video toward the upper right-hand corner of the page. In the video, you will learn how to edit tile names, colors, actions, and much, much, more!

Learn About These Features and More

Request a demo to learn how you can use these features for your conferences and events. CadmiumCD has a full product line with flexible pricing options to collect, manage, and share content, organize stakeholders, and plan your conferences on one platform. Explore case studies and check the feature release history to see how you can bring your events together with CadmiumCD.