IAEE and CadmiumCD Announce 3 Year Event Tech Partnership

CadmiumCD to provide IAEE with conference management software and attendee technology for Expo! Expo!

CadmiumCD’s conference management software and attendee technology will be used by the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) for their annual meeting, Expo! Expo!. This three-year agreement, starting in 2015 and running through 2017, will streamline IAEE’s event planning processes and improve attendee experience.

IAEE will be using CadmiumCD's Abstract Scorecard, Speaker Harvester, and eventScribe Itinerary Planner for the next three years to plan and manage speaker, exhibitor, and attendee data for Expo! Expo!

The combination of CadmiumCD’s Abstract Scorecard, Speaker Harvester, and eventScribe Itinerary Planner allows conference organizers to collect and review abstracts for easy session selection. They can then set tasks for abstract authors and presenters to complete. These include creating a profile, uploading PowerPoint slides, submitting disclosure forms, and much more.

Exhibition organizers and education directors can then update and edit session details, speaker data, and documents on the back-end at any time. Any changes they make are published instantly to the software attendees use to select sessions, schedule their time at the conference, and download files such as presentation slides and PDF handouts.

Expo! Expo! is one of the premiere events for the exhibitions industry, gathering together thousands of organizers and suppliers from around the world each year to share ideas and products. Adding CadmiumCD’s software to the mix will make planning easier for Expo! Expo! organizers and give attendees a platform to access content before, during, and after the show, improving the experience for all.

“IAEE was interested in a tool that would allow us to collect submissions during our call for abstracts, manage speakers and presenters once they were selected, and streamline the process of delivering the collected content to Expo! Expo! attendees through an online platform they could access anywhere,” says Rick Jennings, IAEE VP Partnership Relations. “The combination of CadmiumCD’s Abstract Scorecard, Speaker Harvester Pro, and eventScribe Itinerary Planner does exactly what we need.”

CadmiumCD has been active in the IAEE community for quite some time. Multiple employees hold IAEE membership and the company itself has attended Expo! Expo! for the past 3 years.

“We are honored to join into this partnership with IAEE, especially considering we signed a three year contract,” says CadmiumCD CEO, Michelle Wyatt. “Our current customers are confident in the power and reliability of our products and IAEE was impressed with what they saw. Now we have the opportunity to reach a wider audience and continue our mission to develop easy-to-use conference management tools that streamline conference planning and content publication.”

About CadmiumCD & IAEE

CadmiumCD to provide IAEE with three valuable pieces of event tech software: The Abstract Scorecard, The Conference Harvester, and The eventScribe Itinerary Planner for three years for Expo! Expo!

CadmiumCD has spent the last fifteen years building technology for Meeting Planners, Exhibition Organizers, Education Directors, and Attendees. We strive to ease the conference planning and management processes while delivering great educational content to attendees. Our fully integrated system includes Call for Papers, Speaker & Exhibitor Data Management, Digital Content Publication, Audio Recordings, Digital Poster Galleries, Online Itinerary Planners, Interactive Floor Plans, Native Event Apps, and Post-Conference Evaluations.

IAEE Expo! Expo! organizers will use CadmiumCD's conference management and event technology to plan and manage their conference and trade show for the next 3 years.

Organized in 1928 as the National Association of Exposition Managers to represent the interests of trade show and exposition managers, the International Association of Exhibitions and Events is today the leading association for the global exhibition industry. Today IAEE represents over 8,500 individuals who conduct and support exhibitions around the world.