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5 Tools to Manage Your Events Like an Executive

Michael Doane
Michael Doane

On a recent webinar, Megan Kurtzman shared five project management tools that CadmiumCD clients use for their conferences and events (watch the recording). If you don’t have the time to watch the replay, we’ve created a quick overview of all the software tools she discussed below.

1. Boomerangs

Boomerangs are the perfect alternative to email. They allow you to submit requests to CadmiumCD project managers as well as to your own internal staff. Requests are easy to track and can be used to create task lists and share files.  

2. Missions

Missions are built-in to CadmiumCD products and act as a checklist for setting up your submission site, conference app, and more. These keep everyone on track and help you get out of the details during meetings so you can focus on strategy. 

3. Timelines

Forget about unruly spreadsheets with calendars and timelines. myCadmium has a timeline tool built-in that displays important dates and deadlines.

4. Account Management & Training Resources

Managing and training staff can be a bit like herding cats. Luckily myCadmium allows you to add as many staff members as you need, assign permissions, and deliver training materials for getting started in the system.

5. myCadmium Analytics

The data you get from Google Analytics is nice, but sometimes it’s sparse. myCadmium Analytics give you access to detailed reports on information relevant to your events from the myCadmium Dashboard. View slide downloads in the app, speaker task completion charts, and more. 

Want to learn more?

Get a demo of myCadmium to learn how you can begin managing your events like an executive too. 
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Michael Doane

Michael Doane is a writer, marketer, and web developer who has fallen in love with the events industry. At CadmiumCD he teaches meeting planners about the benefits of event tech. As Marketing Manager


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