Make Your Conference Content Go Farther with Your LMS

Conferences, whether they be virtual, in-person, or a mix of both, can be one of the most exciting ways your learners can come together and experience something unforgettable in real time. All the preparation you made when gathering speakers, crafting presentations, and pulling the rest of your conference’s content together can finally get a chance to be shared with your attendees.  

However, once the conference is over and everyone has wrapped up their sessions and is on their flights back home or click the “Log Off” button, what happens to all that content? 

The end of a conference doesn’t have to mean all those valuable presentations, recordings, and insights get locked away never to be seen again. In this guide, you will learn how to extend the life of your conference content by implementing it into your Learning Management System (LMS).  


Post-Conference Clarity with Attendee Surveys & Session Evaluations  

Post-conference surveys and evaluations are a great way for you to re-engage with your learners to learn what their conference experience was like, which content they found to be the most relevant and helpful, and spot improvements for next time.  

Attendee surveys and session evaluations will enable you and your team to:  

  • Quickly gather information from your learners in one place 
  • Identify trends, common themes, and overlapping feedback  
  • Develop a strategic plan outlining the content to be designated as enduring within the Learning Management System (LMS) 
  • Implement feedback that will improve your experiences 


Expand, Strengthen and Repurpose Your Conference Content  

So much time and effort go into creating flawless videos, presentations, fact sheets, hand-outs, and other conference collateral. Locking it away would prevent learners who could not attend the conference from viewing relevant insights and stop attendees from looking back on it. By centralizing all the conference content into your LMS, you’ll be able to use it to expand your current offerings.  

Adding conference content to your LMS will enable you to:  

  • Create brand new courses by repurposing the conference content  
  • Expand your current offerings by adding supporting documents 
  • Bring more value to current and prospective members 


Provide Tangible Benefits with Certifications & Credits

Give your learners the motivation to fully digest your conference content and keep their engagement up by offering certifications and credits. Attaching certifications, credits, and digital badges to your conference content within your LMS will motivate your learners to continue engaging with your organization even after the conference.  

Offering certifications and credits through your LMS will help you: 

  • Enable your learners to track their certifications in one place 
  • Award digital badges for learners to share with their networks 
  • Unlock new streams of revenue based on your conference content 

When All is Said and Done 

Keep these ideas in mind when looking to expand the lifecycle of your conference content and find new opportunities for growth and improvement. Want to find more ways you can strengthen your LMS and conference experiences? Book an Elevate Demo.