This Multi-Event App Perfects Continuing Education Meetings

CASE STUDY: AAPD First to Use CadmiumCD’s Multi-Event App

Forest Hill, MD, March 25 2014 — CadmiumCD recently launched its new eventScribe® Multi-Event App. The mobile app brings together an organization’s multiple event apps into one organized directory. For
clients the result is professional, organized, and convenient. They can now access meetings that are held in
multiple locations from one app, easily advertise other events their organization hosts, and provide multiple
translations for multi-lingual events.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) is the first organization to utilize the new Directory App. Since the app’s release in January, AAPD has used their organization’s ‘AAPD CE’ multi-event app, available on the Apple and Google Play app stores, for two events. During both their January Comprehensive Review and February Sedation/Simulation meetings the app was a success.

“The Multi-Event App is a great addition to our association’s multiple events,” says Tonya Almond, C.M.P., AAPD
Meeting Services Senior Director. “We conduct a series of continuing education courses for pediatric dentists
each year. Because our faculty is recurring, they can use the app to easily cross-reference slides from previous courses they’ve taught.”

AAPD's multi-event app built with eventScribe by CadmiumCD.

Almond says the benefit of having everything in one place is exponential. It is not only practical for the organization’s faculty, but it also increases visibility among attendees and sponsors. With the multi-event app, she says it is now clear that each session’s course materials will remain available post-meeting — something attendees often questioned before.

“The ROI on exposure is great,” says Almond. “And having a catalog of all our CE meetings under one app looks more professional than having so many different apps in the App Store.”

CadmiumCD worked with AAPD to import their previous meeting apps into the ‘AAPD CE’ multi-event app.
The functionality of each app remains intact and each course is password protected so attendees only have
access to meetings they’ve attended. Almond says she’s thankful that password recovery is an easy and
instant process, preventing disruption and frustration during meetings.

Almond looks forward to continue promoting AAPD’s course listing through the Multi-Event App. “Our
residents and dentists have been very receptive to this tool. They are grateful to have one place where they
can access all their session materials and take notes.”

CadmiumCD’s Multi-Event App is now available for any organization seeking to consolidate their
CE meeting proceedings into one professional, organized, and convenient catalog. The app is native to both
iOS and Android and features all the usability CadmiumCD users are familiar with.

Written by Mike Doane