3 Tips to Streamline Online Event Registration

online event registration

In event planning, time is a resource that you can’t afford to waste, especially when it comes to customer relationships. The experience that you provide has to show clients that you value their time highly; otherwise, there are just too many other places for them to take their business. That’s why you and your team must constantly look for ways to make your operations more efficient and pass these improvements on to users.

For event managers, the challenge starts at the beginning, where the event first attracts the interest of potential target customers. The registration process is critical to get right: make it too complicated or confusing, and people may not want to come back.

The good news is that there are many opportunities for improvement for your online event registration, primarily delivered through the time-saving advantages of software.

Using software to streamline the registration process can save time and money and keep you top of mind with attendees as an operation that offers valuable experiences. The right software also enables you to use the data to improve your future events. Here’s how.

1. Streamline Online Event Registration with Customized Forms

Customers and clients today want to know that you “get” them. Treating everyone as if they are monolithic is a recipe for souring relationships. Event management software enables you to create registration forms with the information that you need to get people geared up to attend specific events.

The ability to create forms tailored to a specific audience cuts down on your users having to spend time entering irrelevant information. Personalization also increases confidence for web visitors and app users that they are registering for the right event versus wondering about the relevance of a generic form.

With event registration software, organizers can offer registration on the most convenient platforms and develop mobile registration and payment that makes on-site registration more convenient, less stressful, and less labor intensive for their team.

2. Improve Communication to Build Trusted Ongoing Relationships

Customizing your online event registration can build two-way conversations with registrants, potentially leading to tailored marketing communications. The forms that you create can collect exactly the information that you need to target your audience with appropriate messages that could build long-term relationships, which is hard to do when you are working with a generic off-the-shelf form.

Event management software can also help you automate pre-conference communication with attendees. Your program can be set to provide confirmation emails and periodic reminders and updates.

Automating communication can reduce your team’s already overstressed workload, as they can build the messages once and then program the software to send them out at specific intervals. Regular communication also builds customer loyalty, which stems from receiving consistently accurate and timely information. It reinforces the feeling for clients that they are working with a well-run business with dependable processes.

3. Add Online Payments to Improve Cash Flow

In the days before software and online payments, it took a long time to convert registrations to cash. You had to wait for the checks to roll in, and even then, they would come in irregularly. Software can simplify online event registration by enabling attendees to pay securely through the website.

Bringing payment processing into your event registration eliminates the need for manual payment processing, which is always subject to the potential for errors. Online payment processing capabilities help streamline and simplify refunds and cancellations. The linkage to the payment process means simply reversing the payments electronically.

Online payments also improve the ability to track the status of individual attendees, including who has paid and who hasn’t. This timesaver enables your team to focus on higher-level tasks, as rather than constantly chasing payments, they can devote themselves to solving real problems experienced by customers.

Partner with Cadmium to Create Frictionless Registration

The Cadmium platform gives organizers peace of mind in developing efficient and dependable online registration systems. In the digital world, customers want their online experiences to be seamless and friction free.

Cadmium brings a new dimension to your ability to manage and optimize registration by implementing features like surge pricing and integrated marketing tools. You can also use the tool to capture and analyze data to measure event ROI.

By using this software to streamline their online event registration procedures, organizations can provide a better attendee experience, reduce manual workload, and increase the success of their events.

At Cadmium, we help event organizers streamline their registration with the right software to automate the process and gather insights from their registered attendees. To see how you can use the event management software, schedule a demo, and check out Cadmium’s platform to help you prepare for your next event.