Creative Ways to Use Your CME LMS for Events

use your cme lms for events

You’ve been using your organization’s CME learning management system (LMS) successfully for several CME activities. Your learners have provided great feedback about their experiences, and they’re returning to attend more events.

However, the COVD-19 pandemic has disrupted in-person events like conferences, annual meetings, lectures, and symposiums, forcing you to cancel or postpone your events. Moving into the virtual environment for these activities can be challenging, but this is where your CME LMS can prove invaluable.

In this post, we look at creative ways to use your CME LMS for events.

Use It to Grow Your Audiences’ Interactivity

Lectures can be horrendous if attendees have to listen to a bad speaker. Learners will leave an activity if it isn’t holding their attention. The key is to provide them with ways to have an enjoyable event experience rather than only listening. Engage well-known speakers who can offer exciting presentations.

For ideal attendee engagement and brainstorming, put your interactive elements to work. Offer ways for your attendees to network with other learners through activities like discussion boards, peer-to-peer networking, breakout chat rooms, social media, Q&A sessions, and forums to help break up the sessions into smaller parts. Such interactive elements are attractive options for those who prefer to be involved in smaller virtual offerings.

Your LMS can supply the technology for CME conferences and other events. By using audio and video conferencing, attendees can access your event and its content anywhere and at any time, making these excellent reasons to use your CME event content in your LMS.

You can use your CME LMS for events that involve multiple activities, such as:

  • Seminars
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Conferences
  • Symposia
  • Annual meetings
  • Focus groups
  • Advisory boards
  • Steering committees
  • Grand rounds
  • Regularly scheduled series

Adding interactive elements for any of these events has several advantages:

  • Enable discussion and engagement surrounding difficult concepts
  • Share community experience
  • Debate controversial topics in meaningful ways
  • Remove the pressure to perform on the spot
  • Enable the ability to return later with additional information, questions, or clarifications

What about CME Courses during Your Events?

Earning CME credits is doable during your CME event. While it requires more work on your part, you can use your CME LMS for events where you want to offer CME credits. While earning these through on-demand sessions will require attendees to take pre- and post-session tests, your LMS can indeed offer this capability.

Take Advantage of Your LMS’s Email Functionality to Promote Your Event

Email is a powerful tool when it comes to announcing your event. Keep your sentences short and concise, and your subject line exciting but not too long. You want to make sure your attendees are kept up to date with the latest information when you use your CME LMS for events. Let them know what your event will offer and if CME accreditation courses are available.

With a powerful LMS, you can set up event reminders with custom emails and reminders as your CME event nears. Keep the excitement going with messages announcing presenters on specific topics and the interactive elements on offer.

Welcome your attendees with custom email reminders once they’ve enrolled, and notify them when the event is scheduled to begin. An event countdown or calendar would be ideal.

Use It for Single- or Multiple-Day Events

When you use your CME LMS for events, you can leverage robust authoring tools that are designed to create and add agendas for single or multiple events. This enables you to take registrations and boost planned events using the following features:

  • Commerce support for individual sessions or full track purchasing
  • Support for over fifty CME credit types, including AMA, ANCC, ACPE, and MOC
  • Robust registration reporting tools to derive meaningful insights from your data

Utilize It to Sell More Activities or Events

You can use your CME LMS for events and their activities to increase your revenue. Use coupons and discounts to entice attendees, or sell single ones or bundle them together. Attendees can also mix and match activities to build their own unique experience.

It’s Time to Get Creative

EthosCE gives you the tools that you need to have a successful CME event. It can take live events and transform them into virtual conferences, annual meetings, and on-demand sessions. EthosCE offers full multimedia support for your content, whether it’s for small events or large conferences. Zoom Meeting and other video conferencing tools are uploaded and immediately available in EthosCE.

It also provides your learners with easy ways that they can register for your CME event, such as with a single sign-on where they can go directly to the event.

Get creative with EthosCE for your next CME event. With your CME content and a powerful LMS, your attendees will receive the best possible experience.

At EthosCE, we understand the challenges of staying up to date and compliant with ACCME changes. We know how critical it is to get things done right the first time when it comes to team-based education and success.

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