5 Benefits of Auto Video Transcription

auto video transcription

Through video conferencing, we have become accustomed to our coworkers existing in a small corner of our screen. Every meeting consists of information that we need to have. However, the complications of internet connectivity, power surges, and disruptions within the home of each employee tend to muddle every interaction.

So, how can you ensure that a company’s vital training session or webinar on the future forecast of business is preserved, understood, and utilized for future tasks? Warpwire has you covered through its video strategies.

You can import every Zoom call into Warpwire’s library of videos and ensure that the meeting is closed-captioned and written down. These methods are great in case of an outage that disrupts the meeting.

Vital calls about managing the data of a new project, for example, are uploaded for all to see. Instructions on how to access the company’s cloud management system are there, with every step uploaded so supervisors are not spending their time reiterating the same information every day.

Lectures, one-on-ones, virtual conferences with guest speakers—each video will be saved into the Warpwire cloud that is then connected to your company only.

When these videos come with transcriptions, a memo can be sent out to each colleague to help them grasp the information for next time. This can save time and cost when it comes to needing to train monthly. Videos create a great foundation for learning, but having the text to refer to for later can only improve employee performance.

If you are still unsure about video transcription software, let's see how it can advance the video strategies of your organization.

1. Access to Those Who Are Hard of Hearing

Transcribing each video provides employees who are unable to hear or have hearing devices the same information as given to their colleagues. It grants them the same resources and opportunities to perform well for the company. By transcribing the meetings, your organization is ensuring equality and measures to accommodate everyone.

These practices also uphold anti-discrimination legislation associated with the ADA or the Rehabilitation Act. Avoiding potential grounds for legal battles while also considering the needs of each employee can only benefit your company.

2. Improved Comprehension

Some employees may have issues with auditory processing. Cognitive conditions, such as ADHD, autism, or learning disabilities, can impair a person’s ability to understand what is being spoken.

For those whose first language is not English, a transcribed video from the company that they want to work for will only improve their performance. They can read the transcript and highlight what is essential for the task before them.

3. Busy Employees Provided with Information

Some employees might not be able to make every Zoom meeting, whether it’s because they are handling kids in school, on the go, or living in a shared space. Even if they did, would they be able to comprehend it with distractions?

Transcribing the meeting provides these employees with all the information that they need. Instead of a Minutes Memo being sent out post-meeting to inform them, they can read the entire meeting themselves and learn everything that was said. It saves time, ensures that employees cannot fall on the excuse of an absence, and works within their schedule.

4. Improved Searches and User Interactions

According to This American Life, providing transcripts improves the SEO for your website. If your company is interested in a video strategy to increase sales and engagement, transcripts will get you there. For example, Google can pick through the transcript text to find keywords spoken in your video.

This method is also improved by adding interactive transcripts. This feature enables viewers to follow the video as they read, jump to specific word points in the video, and skip around based on the information that they are looking for.

5. Derivative Content Able to Be Utilized

While you might already know how to perform certain actions in a software program or the essential facts behind the science of your product, not every new employee or curious consumer does.

Videos that give instructions (how-to, explainers, etc.) draw in traffic from those looking to learn. They also cause people to pause on a webpage or social media ad to understand what is being taught.

By transcribing these videos, people can read and retain certain details. Important statistics, tips, and quotes will stick with the average viewer. These golden bits of information can then be used for social media. Whether it’s a percentage in a graphic shared on Instagram or a blog post about your company’s numbers on reducing waste, these data points can also be points of engagement from consumers intrigued by your company,

Whether the videos being shared are kept within the company only or made available to the public, any and all informative Zoom meetings deserve to be harnessed. This past year, every company has had to innovate, adjust, and hold on tight during the temperamental forecast.

Transcriptions make life easier for everyone, and transcription software makes life easier for you.

Warpwire's video platform provides analytics to help you track media assets, media libraries, and system-wide usage. Designed to explore engagement, Warpwire's reports provide deep insight into how your institution interacts with media.

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