Creating a Simple Certificate for Conference Attendees

Written by Zachary Olsen, CadmiumCD Product Specialist

Conference evaluations for programs and speakers are an excellent way to plan your future conferences and provide valuable feedback to your speakers. Additionally, evaluations can easily be tied to credit certificates or general certificates of completion for your conference.

Using CadmiumCD’s Survey Magnet you can create evaluations and certificates to engage attendees, increase feedback, and overall conference participation through offering available credits. Here’s how.

Creating an Evaluation

A certificate is most valuable for your attendees if they have proper evaluations to complete and receive credit for attending and evaluating sessions. There are two primary ways to create an assessment in the Survey Magnet, one being starting from scratch, and the second option is using a template to give structure to your evaluation. A recommended template to use is the “Session eval” (see below), where you can remove any of the pre-selected nine questions and/or add additional ones of your own.

After the assessment is finished being setup for use, it must be assigned to a credit selection task. Assigning the assessment is done by adding and editing the Credit Selection task (accessed in the Tasks page) and finding the specific assessment in the dropdown (see below). It is also important to check that your presentations or sessions have credit amounts assigned. Checking for credit amounts can be done through the worksheets page of the Survey Magnet module. If the presentations were imported from the Education Harvester having credits, the credit amounts will stay intact in the Survey Magnet.

Creating a Certificate

Creating a certificate in the Survey Magnet employs a few different tools and a general layout that can be customized to your event’s needs. The general layout for the certificate is four blocks that use use hotkeys (pre-coded shortcuts for data) and custom HTML code. A few common items that are included in the credit certificate are the organization’s logo, the user’s position, and signature block. To start the process of certificate creation, you must first create a new Download task in your event’s Survey Magnet.

Once the Download task is created, you can edit the task and start creating your certificate. For first time users, one can view the Certificate Text boxes as four individual sections of text or additional elements. A basic certificate usually starts with the event or organizations logo, date of the conference, then transitions onto the usage of hotkeys that display user data, and finally end with a signature or similar official approval. All data inserted into the text boxes within the task must be formatted with HTML for proper display. If you are less familiar with CadiumCD’s products and HTML, please see the next section for additional help with these topics.

Tricks & Tips

Before creating a customized certificate on your own, there are a few ways to prepare yourself for a successful and smooth certificate creation process. First, familiarizing yourself with HTML language and formatting goes a long way into making a certificate look professional.

Examples of articles and HTML learning-based websites:

Additionally, all CadmiumCD’s products all have convenient help tips to assist clients in completing various tasks and processes throughout the event planning process (see below). These help tips, available in the footer of every CadmiumCD product, are excellent ways to refresh or learn a new process without the need to contact CadmiumCD staff. Moreover, each task throughout the CadmiumCD product line has an available Setup Guide that lists out step-by-step how to properly create and edit tasks to your specific event or organization needs.

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