How the Room Check-In Process Works for Accreditation

If your organization hosts educational conferences that offer continuing education credits, then you know all about the accreditation process. It’s not always easy. Luckily, we’ve found that tying room check-in with session evaluations and certificates makes it a little simpler. Here’s how:

Step 1: Scan the Attendees, or Have the Attendees Scan a QR Code (Self Check-In)

Attendee being checked-in

This helps:

  • Track attendance at sessions
  • Ensure access to correct evaluations
  • Support self check-in or staff each session for increased compliance

Step 2: Attendees Complete Session Evaluations

Event app survey screenshot

How it works:

  • Tied to attendee knowledge because they only get credit when they’ve completed surveys
  • Evaluations and quizzes can be completed in the event app or on laptop/PC
  • Attendees must wait until end of session to receive evaluation code or ensure attendance through check-ins

Step 3: Attendees Access Certificates & Transcripts

Screenshow of a certficate

Why it works for accreditation compliance:

  • Send attendees reminders to complete evaluations based on check-in lists
  • Credits earned show up instantly for attendees who complete quizzes and evaluations
  • Organizers have access to data and documented process for re-accreditation

The Accreditation Process Visualized

Ultimately, providing a simple process to your attendees allows them to access credits and prove knowledge more efficiently. It also backs up your role as an accredited provider because your system is well-documented and your data is easy to reference.

Accreditation process inforgraphic

Want to learn more?

If you’d like to learn how your organization can use Room Check-In for your accreditation process, schedule a personalized demo to review your process with an expert.