Enhance Your Meeting Posters with an ePoster Gallery

How AAPD Enhanced their Meeting Poster Gallery for Continuing Dental Education Professionals

For the past two years, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has worked with CadmiumCD to create an online meeting poster gallery for their attendees to use post-conference. This year, they decided to take the process one step further by converting their traditional poster boards into an electronic gallery. The resulting collaboration between AV Networks and CadmiumCD were 17 different stations, powered by iPad kiosks, that allowed both poster presenters and attendees to quickly search, find and display the poster of interest.

How the ePoster Gallery Works

Here’s an infographic explaining how the eventScribe ePoster Gallery works:

The eventScribe ePoster Gallery makes conference poster galleries digital, searchable, and fun! Attendees can access the ePoster gallery from home AND take notes, draw marks, and highlight important information directly on the ePoster.

One of the most amazing things about the ePoster Gallery is that conference attendees can draw, highlight, and take notes directly on each poster.

This is truly a unique product that can be used on-site, accessed before the conference, and distributed to attendees after the conference for educational purposes. It can be integrated directly with your organization’s meeting agenda, a.k.a. the Itinerary Planner, AND your mobile event app.

If you plan to record your poster presenters as they highlight key information on their posters, that audio can be uploaded into the ePoster Gallery as well. Your attendees can view the posters and listen to the presenter explain his or her findings from the comfort of their home or office.

The posters are very high quality, sync with attendees’ agendas, and are fully searchable. Nobody does ePoster galleries better. This is a top-notch, quality product you’ll wonder how you ever did without.

How Will You ‘Wow’ Your Attendees?

AAPD proved that the ePoster Gallery is not only a great tool for the post-conference meeting poster experience. They cut down on paper and made their presenters’ posters more interesting by going totally digital!

This is only one way the ePoster Gallery can be used to make meeting posters fresh, exciting, and interesting to attendees. Attendees love the crispness of the posters on their iPad displays and they love engaging with the audio and note-taking capabilities of the ePoster Gallery. This type of innovation is essential for meeting education and really boosts attendee respect for organizations like AAPD.

Can you think of other ways a digital ePoster Gallery can be used to engage attendees? Leave us a comment or get in touch with us on twitter (@CadmiumCD). We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Written by Mike Doane