Making the Most of Event Management System Software

event management system software

If you polled a group of event planners, most would agree that event technology can significantly impact the success of an event. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that event management system software provides organizations with a central hub to handle all aspects of their event.

All-in-one event software solutions are designed to handle every aspect of event management, eliminating the need for event professionals to juggle multiple applications to organize an event. It facilitates planning, executing, and measuring the success of events, supporting planners from the beginning of an event to the end.

Moreover, the right software solution helps planners keep track of all the essential parts of an event, from the registration process to payments, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. When event professionals choose the right software for their needs and maximize their use of the technology, they set up themselves and their organizations for success.

Keep reading to learn about the strategies that you can use to make the most of your event management system software.

Simplify Event Registration

Event registration is arguably the most critical stage in the event planning process. Attendees form their first impressions of your event when they visit your registration page.

As an event planner, you want to ensure that registering for your event is simple. Use event management system software that facilitates the registration process by integrating it into the event website, simplifying the process for attendees and event managers.

The software should also be able to manage registration for all types of events—in-person, virtual, and hybrid—making it easy for event planners to track and coordinate registrations, build a database, retrieve information on registered attendees, and monitor click-through and open rates.

Personalizing the registration process for participants by creating custom experiences for each step will go a long way toward ensuring that you connect with your target audience.

Create an Event Website

Your event website will likely be the first thing that potential attendees see, so it’s essential to use event management system software that enables you to build a customizable and easy-to-navigate site.

Since your website is critical to the success of your event, before getting started, be sure you understand its features and consider elements that could help create the aesthetic that you want. If you need help understanding something, reach out to your event software provider.

Once you're comfortable with your software solution, take advantage of its templates to create a website that matches your brand and drives attendee engagement. Include scheduling information on the website, with information on exhibitors and sessions, so attendees can find what they need quickly.

To encourage networking among attendees, let them update their profiles and connect with others through your website. These strategies will build excitement for your event and help maximize engagement.

Use an Interactive E-poster Gallery

An e-poster gallery can breathe life into your event, making information more accessible to event attendees. Since they're interactive, they provide attendees with a more personalized experience, enabling them to quickly access the information that they need in real time and making it easy to follow your event.

Attendees can use e-posters in various ways. For example, if they want to bookmark their favorite posters for future reference, they can do that with a mouse click or by tapping the screen on their mobile device. They can also take notes on e-posters during a session and even rate and review the posters, providing valuable feedback to exhibitors. You can add an audio recording of presenters that attendees can playback whenever they want.

E-posters make it easy for attendees to share information about your event with their colleagues. They're also accessible after the event and optimized for desktops or mobile devices.

Leverage Data and Analytics

A significant advantage of using event technology is the large amount of data that you can gather about speakers, audiences, and sessions. Comprehensive event management system software enables you to gain insight into audience engagement so you know how many viewers are watching and where they're located worldwide.

All this information gives you unparalleled insight into what works and what doesn't work while planning and executing your event. Event management system software gives you the tools that you need to analyze your event so you can understand how your speakers ranked with attendees and determine attendee engagement and how they interacted with your content.

You can also use advanced analytics to evaluate which sessions were the most successful and why. Use the data points compiled by the software to assess the overall success of your event, measure event ROI, and determine ways to improve.

Facilitate Attendee Networking

Networking opportunities are primarily why people choose to attend events. Whether you're hosting an in-person, virtual, or hybrid event, you want to be sure attendees leave satisfied by making it easy for them to connect with their peers and exhibitors.

With the right event management software, you can engage attendees before and after the event. Facilitate connections between attendees by enabling them to send messages directly to colleagues and view other users.

For example, Cadmium helps event professionals create personalized attendee experiences with features like a “my experience” page, exhibitor and education matchmaking, and networking preferences, including peer-to-peer.

Final Thoughts

Understanding how your event management system software works is essential to getting the most out of it. The right software solution will streamline the event planning process, enabling you to put together a flawless event that your attendees will love.

Here at Cadmium, we make it easy for event organizers to deliver seamless, memorable event experiences to attendees and manage speakers, exhibitors, and all their associated assets. To see how we can help you simplify your event organization, reach out to our expert team today!