eventScribe 2.0 Is Here

An Event App for Any Occasion

Four years ago, CadmiumCD launched eventScribe as the attendee component of our event management platform. Back then it was a simple note-taking app for iOS and Android to compliment an online itinerary planner. Today we’re happy to publicly announce the next version.

The eventScribe App

Suggestions from our clients and a competitive market have allowed us to develop these products – and the app in particular – into a robust platform. Over the years, the eventScribe app has grown to include schedule planning, social functionality, gamification, slide sharing, and much more.

Last week, at CadCon 2015, we announced the launch of eventScribe 2.0. The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation will be the first to use the updated app at their Annual Legislative Congress in September. With this release we’ve expanded functionality even further and gave the app a bit of a makeover.

Tile Design Home Screen

By now, eventScribe is well known for its different take on an app home screen. The lily pad design is unique and user friendly.

However, CadmiumCD also realized the need for a more modern design as well, one that allows for more content options. At CadCon we publicly released eventScribe 2.0, which features a tile design home screen that provides more customization and increased sponsor opportunities.

The eventScribe Tile and Lily Pad Designs Side-By-SideThe CadmiumCD eventScribe app modern tile design was released at CadCon 2015. It features more conference sponsor opportunities and increased customization.

The tile design allows admins to customize rows in the app to include one, two, three, or four tiles. These tiles can be used to take users to different pages in the app, external webpages, and even sponsor offers. Just like a tiled wall in your bathroom, event organizers can add unlimited rows of beautifully designed buttons that link to content in the app or external webpages.

Download this brochure to learn about all the sponsor opportunities now available in the app so you can monetize your conference today.

Audience Response System

The Audience Response System (ARS) is perhaps the greatest new feature in eventScribe 2.0. It’s something both event managers, speakers, and attendees will appreciate.

CadmiumCD's eventScribe Audience Response System (ARS) is a new app feature that allows speakers to poll their audience in real time.

It uses attendee devices as ‘second screen technology’ and allows speakers to gain live insights from the audience as a whole. While designing the feature, CadmiumCD wanted to go one step further than the typical ARS on the market. This led us to include the ability for users to:

  • Participate in Live Polling
  • Ask Speakers Questions
  • Post Social Comments
  • Crowdsource and Share Presentation Notes
  • Connect with Speakers

CadmiumCD wanted to add increased functionality to the eventScribe app Audience Response System (ARS). This led them to include social features such as notes sharing, social media accounts, and live commenting.

Together this adds an extremely robust social aspect to audience response that will engage attendees and speakers alike. App users can also refer back to the comments and shared notes, and speakers can download reports on audience responses.

QR Game with Improved Leaderboard

The eventScribe Scavenger Hunt was introduced to the app just over a year ago. We immediately started working on a leaderboard that would work both in-app and on digital signage.

Previously this leaderboard was limited to scanning QR codes posted at exhibitor booths. Now the game can include QR codes associated with educational sessions, posters, and any other activity or location. This really adds a depth to the scavenger hunt that just wasn’t possible before.

The “Who’s Who?” Section

A functional conference app usually has three sections for profiles: attendees, speakers, and exhibitors. We’ve added a fourth section we like to call “Who’s Who?” This section allows planners to add a custom group of individuals to a separate profile section in eventScribe.

The Who's Who section in the eventScribe app allows meeting planner to add special interest groups to the app. These might include employees, volunteers, or students.

For example, we’ve had clients add student attendees to this section. Or volunteers. At our very own annual event, CadCon, we used the section to differentiate employee profiles.

Simplified Packages

In the past, we’ve sold app features individually. This however caused a lot of confusion. So we’ve decided to simplify things and now offer four levels of the app: Express, Standard, Pro, and Premium.

Express is your basic conference app, complete with speaker biographies, a conference schedule, and sponsor information. Standard includes all this plus slide sharing and note taking. The ARS and interactive floor plan are part of the Pro version, and the main difference between Pro and Premium is that Premium includes in-app audio.

To see a complete list of all the features included in each package, please refer to this diagram.

All-in-all these features have brought eventScribe to the next level. If you’re interested in trying them out, or if you’re ready to make eventScribe part of your conference, let us know and we’ll set you up asap.

The eventScribe Itinerary Planner

In addition to the increased functionality of the eventScribe app, we’ve also updated the eventScribe Itinerary Planner with features that work hand-in-hand with the app.

Attendee Participation

The first of these is attendee participation. We rolled this out during our annual meeting, CadCon, for the first time ever. Essentially it allows meeting planners to set a limited number of seats for each session. Once those seats are filled, the session is closed to new participants.

The eventScribe Itinerary Planner by CadmiumCD now allows attendees to register for sessions with a limited number of seats. A red block of text appears below the title of the session highlighting the number of seats available.

The best part about this is that it doesn’t require any additional input. Attendees simply log in to the planner using the credentials you’ve provided, or by creating their own account, and they add a session to their favorites. Just like that and they’re added to the list of registered attendees.

Public Favorites

Attendees are also now able to see who has favorited any given session as a searchable list. This adds a social element to picking sessions. Attendees can message other attendees before or after the session, connect with each other, and share notes.

The eventScribe Itinerary Planner by CadmiumCD now allows attendees to register for sessions with a limited number of seats. A red block of text appears below the title of the session highlighting the number of seats available. Attendees can then view who is attending each session.

It also gives speakers the opportunity to reach out directly to those attendees that came to their sessions. Very cool!

Who is eventScribe 2.0 for?

eventScribe has always been built – first and foremost – for educational conferences and meetings both small and large. Our clients range from corporate meeting planners who host training sessions for their employees, to association event organizers who host annual conferences, trade shows, and smaller chapter meetings & board review courses throughout the year.

The new tile design however expands the capabilities of our app. There are more sponsor opportunities than ever before. It’s more customizable, more user friendly, and better looking. This is only the tip of the iceberg for eventScribe. Let’s see what we can accomplish together.

To get in on the action, reach out and tell us you want to be part of the eventScribe revolution.

About Michael Doane

Michael Doane is head of marketing at CadmiumCD. He is focused on educating event planners about the benefits of implementing technology at their trade shows and conferences. Download his free eBook, “The Most Influential Advances in Event Technology“, then connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter.