This Audience Response System is Unlike Anything Event Planners Have Seen Before

We’re excited to announce the release of our Audience Response System (ARS) as part of the eventScribe App platform. We launched the ARS at the ACEhp 2016 Annual Meeting held at the Gaylord Hotel in National Harbor, Maryland.

The eventScribe app now supports direct audience communications including polling and moderator interactions. This allows audience members to send questions and respond to speakers during sessions. The best part? Attendees now have the ability to take notes in educational sessions, connect with other attendees and speakers, and respond to live questions and polls, all within the same app environment.

The ACEhp annual meeting attracts education experts within the medical community, and was the ideal forum to launch the system. It is ACEhp’s goal to encourage audience feedback and document educational progress to better understand the benefits of new healthcare treatments. Watch the video to see how they utilized the ARS:

There are numerous benefits to the conference organizer in using an integrated approach for ARS, including the following:

  • Since attendees are using their own smartphone and tablet devices to participate in the ARS sessions, meeting managers no longer need to guess at how many independent devices are needed in each session or worry about loss of the independent devices.
  • Planning for the sessions becomes trivial, as speakers and session organizers submit the polling questions through the same content management system that is controlling all other information in the app.
  • Detailed reports are available after the session, showing results to the polls and all questions that were submitted to the moderators.

“We are thrilled with the positive feedback we received about the ARS system from both attendees and session organizers, and look forward to utilizing it with other clients as we continue to roll out the product,” said Michelle Wyatt, Co-Founder and CEO of CadmiumCD. “The eventScribe app is truly an ideal product for attendees and conference planners, allowing many different functions to be combined into one easy-to-use product.”