How To Use Social Media To Market Your Event

Written by Delanie Olsen, Marketing Specialist at Total Event Resources

Most event planners understand the importance of using social media to market an event, but as each social media platform operates differently, it can be challenging to optimize all of them. Here are some factors to keep in mind when planning a social media strategy to market your next event.

Choose a Social Media Platform

All social media platforms have the same general goal — to connect audiences and let people, well, socialize. Yet the manner in which they operate and the audiences they attract are quite different from option to option. 

You don’t have to use them all; in fact, that’s generally a bad idea because you might be stretched too thin. It’s far better to choose a platform (or two) that resonates best with your event’s audience. 

Here’s a quick rundown of popular options:

  • Facebook: This is a great place to share event updates, engage with followers and create event pages. If there is money in your budget for paid promotions, Facebook is also a great place to invest those advertising dollars.
  • Instagram: This image-laden platform is ideal for brand-building engagement.
  • LinkedIn: If your event targets professionals or a B2B crowd, LinkedIn might be the way to go. You can bolster the networking capabilities of this platform with posts that will be seen by industry leaders.
  • Twitter: Twitter is where you can really put hashtags into action (more on that below). Build excitement and engage with followers in the weeks leading to the event.
  • Snapchat: Snapchat tends to appeal to younger audiences, which makes it an ideal social media platform if your event targets attendees under age 30.

Create a Great Hashtag or Two

Hashtags are the channel through which people communicate these days, particularly on Twitter and Instagram. Unique, branded hashtags enable you to hype the event through channels that will trend with your ideal audience. A great hashtag has the potential to go viral, which means a little creative thought can really go a long way in terms of attracting eyes to the event.

Before going rogue with a new hashtag, follow these quick tips:

  • Make it short and easy to understand: Promote your hashtag in as many places as possible, but avoid taking valuable real estate online or on promotional products. Instead, find a way to communicate with as few characters as possible. It’s a challenge, but it’ll be worth it when you strike hashtag gold.
  • Add the hashtag to all of your social bios: Tell the world about your new hashtag! The more you tout it, the more chance it has to be shared.
  • Make the hashtag highly visible during your event: The promotion doesn’t end when the event starts. Keep people talking about it throughout the duration.

Social media is a vital tool when it comes to promoting events, but all platforms are not created equal. With thorough planning, the rest of the campaign could go more smoothly and bring optimal success. These tips should point you in the right direction!

How To Use Social Media To Market Your Event
from Total Event Resources

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Delanie Olsen is the marketing specialist at Total Event Resources — a provider of full-service, live-event planning and production for meetings, incentive trips, conferences, and brand launches. She has more than five years of experience in the industry and focuses on social media and brand marketing.