The Elements of a Hybrid Events Software Platform

Choosing the right software for your hybrid events can be stressful. There are so many options and it can be daunting to determine what the right one is for you.

We’re a bit biased toward eventScribe Live because we’ve worked hard to build one of the most comprehensive event platforms on the market for any event type, but hopefully these next considerations help you no matter what platform you choose.

When you’re shopping around for software, make sure you ask yourself:

  • Does my audience prioritize networking, education, or products? Does the platform have tools to support these needs?
  • How will I ensure the brand experience is cohesive across channels?
  • Will my app and website allow for customization? How much?
  • Does the platform allow for integrations with my other vendors?

Getting the answers to these questions upfront will help you maximize the software evaluation process. Make sure to ask vendors these questions on demos to get the best picture and find the right software for your hybrid event.

Here are just a few features we think should come standard in a hybrid events platform.

Attendee Engagement

  • Audience Response System (Polling, Chat, Q&A)
  • Scavenger Hunts & Gamification
  • Interest Match-Making (Content & Products)
  • Video Chats

Education & Content

  • Live Streaming
  • Note-Taking
  • Quizzes & Evaluations
  • On-Demand Conference Proceedings

Easy Project Management

  • Sessions
  • Presentations
  • Content
  • Speakers
  • Exhibitors
  • Communication Tools

Revenue Generation

  • Booth Sales
  • Sponsorship Sales
  • Virtual Trade Shows
  • Lead Retrieval Tools (ROI for Exhibitors & Sponsors)

Integrations w/ Other Vendors

  • AV Companies
  • Registration Platforms
  • Association Management Systems (AMS)
  • Learning Management Software (LMS)
  • SSO (Single Sign-On)

Get the Comprehensive Guide to Planning Hybrid Events

This article is just one part of the full guide.

In this guide we’ll explore:

  • Popular hybrid events formats that you can use to plan your hybrid events
  • How to create cross-channel experiences to bring your in-person and online audiences together
  • The elements that make up a hybrid events platform and considerations for choosing the right software

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Try eventScribe Live for Your Hybrid Events

eventScribe Live is an end-to-end platform for virtual, hybrid, and face-to-face events:

Conference Harvester 

Manage speakers and exhibitors, collect and share content, and create your meeting schedule.

eventScribe Apps & Websites 

Engage attendees and create an easy-to-navigate experience for your conferences and trade shows.

Conference Proceedings 

Distribute content and create interaction through live streaming, video chats, and on-demand sessions.

The platform is perfect for:

  • Multi-Day, Multi-Track Conferences and Trade Shows
  • 1-Day Symposia with Multiple Speakers
  • Webinar Series Scheduled Over Many Weeks or Months
  • Smaller One or Two Day Board Meetings, Sessions, Events, and More

Set it up once and it simply works – from Abstracts to App – for virtual, hybrid, and face-to-face audiences. It’s built for education, optimized for engagement, and positioned to deliver ROI to all your stakeholders.

Tell us about your upcoming events and we’d be happy to show you how eventScribe Live fits in. Submit an RFP today to schedule a 1-to-1 demo of the platform.