5 Keys of Online Marketing that Drive Event Attendance

Written by Kevin Gardner, Owner of InnovateBTS

Marketing is the most important thing an event organize can do to drive event attendance.

It is all about having the right tactics in place to entice people to attend your business’ events. The following strategies will help you market more effectively to an online crowd.

The Value Of Quality Content

When potential attendees are being targeted it’s be valuable to have quality content about the event. There needs to be a description of the events and attendees need to have a clear idea of what is actually being sold.

So many events lose attendees because the mission statement is ambiguous. There is no concrete foundation to relay what benefits are actually offered.

It is not enough to simply attract attendees to the event website. There has to be some type of content that gets the consumer eager to learn more about the event.

Engaging Potential Customers/Attendees Through Social Media

In most situations, social media is going to be the cornerstone of online marketing.

It is something that attracts so many different people from various walks of life. There are multiple social media platforms so it becomes hard to ignore the power of this type of environment.

Various communities can boost sales of tickets for events. It goes without saying that social media is at the top of the list when it comes to the online marketing world.

Events also benefit greatly from ads that are posted on social media platforms because it captures the attention of your target audience.

This is the type of marketing that knows no geographical boundaries. Social media is even more effective when there are influencers that break down the niche markets that make this social media concept work.

The Power Of Influence

There are few things that get the attention of potential attendees quicker than their favorite bloggers, industry experts, and entertainers.

These are the people that have the ability to give their own perspective on the value of certain events.

Leveraging their voice will be one of the best ways to quickly build event attendance.

Social media is the vehicle to attendees’ attention, but influencers are the ones that are will drive these vehicles. It does no good to have a Twitter account and tweet, for example, if no one is paying attention to what you are tweeting about. There is nothing gained from having a Snapchat account with videos that are posted if you have no followers. If there are no followers on any of these platforms that are being utilized very few people are going to see the videos or read the information that increases awareness about a brand.

This is what influencers bring to the table. They help your brand reach out to those potential attendees because the influencers are the ones that already have followers.

Friendly Competition

It is always good to have some friendly competition. It is vital to see what the giants in your area of expertise are doing. These are the ones that you target and compete against.

When you set yourself in a place where you are confident enough to say that you have a better product than the competitor it starts a debate. People will start becoming curious about your events just because you have taken a shot at the competition.

New events can gain more recognition by competing with the established ones through displays of rivalry.

The Importance of Feedback

Always get feedback on all the processes that are being implemented. This helps you tweak your online marketing process.

It is pointless to engage in online marketing if you do not know what your customers are saying about the marketing that you are doing. You may be doing it totally wrong, and you may have no idea. If you do not take the time to get the feedback it becomes pointless for you to carry on with certain marketing campaigns.

About Kevin

Kevin Gardner is a small business owner and freelance writer who is passionate about business, online marketing, and technology that drives event attendance. When he is not busy working, he can be found at the nearest trade-show or business conference.