Look Out for These Event Planning Trends

Written by Megan Jones, Content Manager at Skyerz.com

As the whole world gear up for the latest trends that they can expect in basically every industry, why should event planning be any different? There are a lot of BIG changes that we expect will change the terrain of event planning altogether and we’re here to share these exciting trends with you. After all, we don’t want you to fall behind so let’s dive in.

Event Technology Trends

Event Technology

The trends that we are going to feature in this article will be clustered according to categories. To start, let’s talk about technology because nothing spells “future” better than technological advancement, right?


RFID or radio frequency identification is a form of wireless communication to track the identity of the user. You’re probably familiar with this already, or you’re simply not aware. Almost all credit cards and other IDs employ this technology already.

Utilizing the same technology in your event will allow you to track your guests: what activities did they enjoy? What locations did they visit? Knowing such data will allow you to make changes to your event on the fly, and make future events more tailor-fit for your target audience.

App Gamification

Another widespread technology that we’re already using (and should use more in events) are apps. You can create branded or custom made apps for your event to announce updates, send notifications, provide calendars and schedules, maps, and more. In fact, you can even “gamify” your events through QR codes and offer event-related rewards. Like the RFID, using this tech will also give you more insight into what elements of your event your attendees enjoyed, and those that they didn’t.

5G and Related Technologies

Say goodbye to problems about wifi connection. 5G is upon us and it’s a thousand times faster than your 4G LTE connection. The possibilities are endless with that kind of connection. We’re talking about AI, virtual reality, and other digital interactions that wouldn’t have worked otherwise with the limits of our current network speed.

Sustainability, Health, and Wellness Trends

Sustainability, Health, and Wellness

Aside from technological trends, another category that every event planner should be monitoring closely is holistic wellness. These are trends related to sustainability and health.


Show your clients that your event has a heart by pushing initiatives that will reduce the carbon footprint of your event. Do you have any idea how much waste a large-scale event can produce?
Just tiny details like encouraging your guests to bring reusable cups and installing recycle bins throughout the venue can already make a significant contribution towards building a better, cleaner future for all of us. Don’t think that this will only benefit you from a moral standpoint because these steps will not only cast a positive light on your company but it will also attract sponsors as well. It’s a win-win!

Healthy Food Choices

If you’re taking conscious measures to make the world healthier, why not zoom into your attendees’ health as well. Favor healthier food choices over less healthy food options. While you’re at it, you can also promote diversity and inclusivity by offering allergy-free choices and culturally-sensitive meals (like halal foods).

Other Wellness Trends

In relation to the previous trend, we’re also expecting to see more event activities that promote health and wellness on both physical and mental levels. That’s the reason why we’re seeing a lot of marathons, yoga and meditation sessions and more in recent large-scale events.

Cool Experience Trends

Unique Event Experiences

Finally, let’s face it: people are getting bored of staring at screens all day. On the other hand, initiatives on sustainability are slowly changing people from being product-based into experienced-based. Just take one look at Instagram. Younger people are investing in actual experiences like food and travel than on acquiring material products.

But they don’t have to travel far in order to have unique and memorable experiences, right? Be creative and come up with out-of-the-box ideas when planning event activities. Don’t forget to take your venue into consideration. For instance, switch the boring conference room with an open field with air dancers.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

If we can summarize the trends we have shared with you above in a nutshell, it would be this: the world is changing and your events should change with it. Take cues on the things that people are passionate about right now, use them as inspiration for your next events, and you will never go wrong. Good luck!

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Megan is Content Manager at Skyerz.com, a website that supplies inflatable dancers for conferences and trade shows.