Examples of Missions Types and Specific Missions in CadmiumCD Products

Missions are designed to streamline complex processes and to educate CadmiumCD users on the options available to them. Abstract Scorecard, Survey Magnet, eventScribe App, Expo Harvester, Education Harvester and Conference Harvester Logistics all have Missions to help with the software setup process. There are a few standard Missions types that clients are interacting with, listed below. These will give you a feel for what it looks and feels like to interact with this new system. The list of Missions and Mission Types will continue to grow throughout 2019.

Getting Started

These Missions build out massive functionality within your software with just a few details. Take a look:

Logistics Mission: Get Started

This is the standard first mission in the Logistics module. It prompts users to enter their anticipated number of rooms and anticipated number of functions so that project managers understand the scope of the projects on initial calls.

Scorecard and Magnet Mission: Copy Theme Checkpoint

Each item a user must complete within a Mission is called a Checkpoint. One of the most useful Checkpoints for repeat customers is called ‘Copy Theme’. This enables a client to quickly grab a banner and the color scheme from another event/module within myCadmium.

Scorecard Mission: Settings and Tasks Checkpoint

This is the first product where we have added this powerful mission to copy the settings and tasks from a past event. It is a great way to start off the project and it uses the choices in the Settings Design Tools page to intelligently avoid copying the settings that should not be copied between events.

Scorecard Missions: Submission Guidelines Checkpoint

This collects the URL of a past submission site, comments explaining how the site should function, and a process or instruction document so that project managers understand the scope of work and requirements for a specific project with setting up the Scorecard for that client.


Basic Settings

These Missions help define what you want your software to look like and how you want it to perform. Take a look:

Scorecard Mission: Basic Settings

This mission collects settings similar to the mission in the app. There are 8 checkpoints that collect the banner, colors, main contact information, and closing date details.

Magnet Mission: Basic Settings

This mission collects information similar to the Scorecard mission, however the Magnet’s settings are not as advanced as the Scorecard. The Magnet Mission also has a new field: “Displayed Closing Date.”

Previously the closing date was a hard deadline, but now we will have both an enforced and a displayed closing date/time. This allows users to close surveys and quizzes, but still allows leeway for last-minute entries.


These Missions simplify graphics uploads and spell out exactly what is needed to publish your public web pages. Take a look:

App Mission: Banners Checkpoint

During this Mission, clients upload banners that span four different aspect ratios. These banners will be able to be used in up to ten different banner positions in the eventScribe App. They cover all sizes we need on all devices and the images are saved directly into the app’s image area. This means they are ready to be used for live testing immediately after upload, which saves a lot of time for both clients and project managers.

Want to learn more about Missions?

This is just the start. CadmiumCD is rolling out many more Mission Types and Missions across all products throughout 2019. Many clients want to be more independent and knowledgeable with the setup process of their event’s software. Missions deliver just that. They give CadmiumCD users clear instructions on what deliverables are expected to quickly set up and start using myCadmium products.

To learn more about Missions and CadmiumCD event management software, contact your project manager, explore the platform, or request a demo.