CadmiumCD Launches Logistics Software at PCMA Convening Leaders 2019 Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA

New Software Strives to Automate Resource Allocation and Cut Down Tedious Processes for Meeting Planners

CadmiumCD, a leading event software company, announced the official launch of logistics management to its software platform during PCMA’s 2019 Convening Leaders Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. Conference Harvester Logistics allows meeting organizers to build a list of available resources, assign those resources to specific rooms in a convention center, and check for conflicts against date, time, room, and resource requirements for sessions.

How Does Conference Harvester Logistics Work?

The core of Conference Harvester Logistics is the ability to create functions. A function is essentially a session block that includes date, time, and room, to which meeting organizers can assign resources and team members. Presentations can then be assigned to these functions based on date/time/room requirements. If a function block is not available for that presentation, meeting organizers will be alerted to a conflict so they can quickly and easily resolve the issue.

Logistics Module Video – IAEE from CadmiumCD on Vimeo.

“Conference Harvester Logistics is a tool that meeting planners will use months before their conference, at the time of their hotel RFP process,” says Megan Kurtzman, CadmiumCD Training Manager. “They will assign functions based on their program requirements and venue space. Once they complete the call for papers and speaker management processes, they’ll be able to schedule sessions to the function blocks they’ve already created in the software.”

Why Use Conference Harvester Logistics?

With Conference Harvester Logistics, CadmiumCD declares a number of features and benefits that were previously vacant from or lacking in the market.

The Team Member Scheduler and Resource Schedulers function in much the same way as the Presentation Scheduler in that they give you the ability to quickly assign items to different functions.


  • Drag & Drop Calendar Tool
  • Room Management
  • Conflict Checking (Date/Room/Time, People)
  • Resource Assignment (Food & Beverage, A/V, etc)
  • Team Member Management
  • Tasks (Upload, Download, Resource Assignment)
  • Communication Module


  • Ability to start planning with event management software at the time of the RFP process.
  • Save time and money through automatic conflict checking and assignment of sessions to calendar blocks.
  • Significant cost savings by assigning resources to a function instead of a specific presentation, thereby cutting down on double-work.
  • Check room capacities against presentation requirements (room setup style, layout configuration, etc).
  • Better organization of team members through task assignments, email communications, and by assigning them to specific functions.
  • Check if speakers, team members (staff, volunteers, etc), or rooms are double booked.

Is This the Future of Conference Software?

CadmiumCD has taken such care in creating Conference Harvester Logistics that it hired an independent organization in late 2017 to conduct industry research on the functionality organizers need most. The software’s launch at PCMA Convening Leaders is the very first step in creating meeting planning tools of the future based on this research.

ALA, along with other major organizations like ADA, WVC, MLA, and AAAnthro, have been in the process of Beta Testing the Logistics Module for the past year and a half so that it is ready for use by all meeting organizers in 2019. One organization calculated over 40 hours of labor saved after using the system.

Michelle Wyatt, CadmiumCD co-founder and CEO, says she and her staff are excited for this launch. “It’s been 18+ months in the making, and we’ve worked hard with our beta testers to create a solution that solves the most pressing issue meeting planners face today.” The beta version of the software has already won multiple awards for its impact on the industry.

Want to Learn More About Logistics?

Meeting organizers interested in Conference Harvester Logistics can learn more or request a demo at

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