The Life of an Event Planner (Videos)

Event planning is one of the most stressful and challenging jobs out there, especially when you’re working on big corporate or association conferences. You come across problems everyday and work to solve them no matter how big or small they are. Every now and then you need to sit back and take the edge off. Here are a few videos that will help you wind down and laugh off some of that stress:

1. Speaker Juliet Funt shares some of her favorite moments from her life as a former meeting planner:

“It’s 5:59am. You’re fast asleep in a hotel bed. It is the second day of an offsite event. Suddenly—the clock alarm and cell phone and wake up call all go off at the same time!” So begins Julia Funt’s hilarious recollection of her seven-year run as a corporate event planner, which culminates in her frustration with an attendee who just doesn’t like the chicken.

Funt tells it like it is and highlights the ups and downs of this job with zest and a solid delivery. Definitely one you don’t want to miss.

2. Leading Authorities makes you feel a little less like a robot in this hilarious video:

Do you ever feel like you’re a broken record? “We don’t have the budget for that” and “I’m going to have to run that by my committee” have become something like mantras for you? You’re not alone. Many meeting professionals are stuck on an endless loop of acronyms and go-to phrases.

Leading Authorities Speakers Bureau pokes fun at this in their hilarious video on YouTube. I think every meeting planner can relate!

3. Performance Inspired inspires laughter with this fun little song:

“I’ll give it my best” is probably another mantra every meeting planner states when people throw impossible tasks at them. Luckily meeting planners have superhuman powers and can usually make the impossible possible.

In this funny blues tune, Performance Inspired, Inc. takes us through some of the common issues event planners face. Budget constraints, speakers that want to upload PowerPoint Slides last minute, and the dreaded sea of diet options.

4. This guy took a horrible situation and made something great from it! Over a million views great:

Every event planner has had to deal with a delayed flight at some point in her career. It is a stressful, almost nightmarish scenario. You start to think: when will I get out of here? Will I make it on time? What if I never leave?

Richard Dunn experienced just that. After his flight got cancelled he was stranded in a Las Vegas airport. But he didn’t panic. Instead he made this fantastic and hilarious music video!

5. The Roosevelt Hotel NYC pokes a little fun at itself and the events industry in New York with Comedian Frankie Hudak:

Frankie Hudak takes a typical New York in-your-face, tells-it-like-it-is, no forgiveness approach in describing what The Roosevelt Hotel NYC has to offer to event professionals. Need a gym after those fattening bagels? Try running down a cab! How about golf? Well, you could always hit a few balls off the roof.

Hudak does a great job showing off The Roosevelt while staying funny and sarcastic in this video. It’ll definitely take the edge off of your next venue search.

6. Travis, Inc. A/V teaches meeting planners the art of negotiation in this fun and informative video:

This video is something of an underground meeting planning sensation, going viral in the meetings industry webspace on Facebook. Travis Reedy, President of Travis, Inc. A/V, does a fantastic job combining humor and practicality in this video for meeting planners.

Laugh as the featured meeting planner flaunts her rights in the face of a shady (yet bumbling) venue managers trying to pull one over on her.

Your Turn!

Have you come across any hilarious event planning videos we’ve missed? Has your organization made one of your own? Share it with us in the comments below, or find us on Twitter or YouTube.