7 Tips for Creating New Revenue from Your CME Event Content

new revenue from cme event content

You were planning your in-person CME event, and all was going smoothly. You had all your activities ready, and your venue and presenters were in place.

Then came the unexpected, pandemic-imposed challenges that left you reeling. You had to do a full pivot into what your event has now become. The decision to transition to a virtual format was difficult: after all, how could you increase your revenue when everyone was anticipating the live event? Could you actually accomplish the rebound: creating new revenue because of the current situation? Using the former live event’s content?

In this post, we give you seven tips about creating new revenue from CME event content.

1. Repackage Your CME Event Content

Moving your CME event from an in-person event to a virtual one presents itself with the ability for you to gain new revenue. You can have more participants attend from even more locations and gain more revenue because you were limited to the number of attendees otherwise.

Livestream the event and post the video or audio afterward. Use the social media coverage, and write a follow-up piece to garner even more interest for what you have to offer.

Don’t miss out on huge opportunities to monetize and create new revenue streams—take advantage of being able to record and repackage your CME event content into enduring activities. Make multiple activities available for online purchase for those learners who were unable to attend your event, and increase the amount of money in your coffers.

2. Use Your Learning Management System to Create Your Revenue Streams

When it comes to creating new revenue from CME event content, look to your learning management system (LMS). With integration with GoToWebinar and Zoom, you can easily sell and host a live webinar. Use your LMS for course cloning, GoToMeeting and Zoom Meeting integrations, and subscription-based e-commerce.

For example, you can easily host and sell a live meeting. Once the webinar concludes and your event attendees obtain their credits, all you have to do is hit, “Course Clone,” and generate a new CME activity complete with assessments, evaluations, credit types, and certificates. Upload the recorded, accredited version of the webinar, and you will have a new CME activity that you can charge for. You can also use your LMS’s subscription module and enable your event attendees to purchase a series of CME activities at one time. You receive a long-term revenue stream and stay engaged with your targeted audience.

3. Use a Shopping Cart to Build Even More New Revenue

Do you want to increase revenue even more? Use a shopping cart within your LMS. When you create new revenue from CME event content, you can take advantage of selling recordings of various events and when you’ve developed content into enduring materials. Sell your courses and activity registrations. Use coupons and discounts to entice event attendees and those who are unable to come to the event. You can sell single recordings of events or enduring materials or bundle any of them. Your CME event attendees can mix and match to build their own customized experience. You can also offer subscription-based access for more revenue generation.

4. Provide Ongoing Value after Your Event Ends

For new revenue from CME event content, use your LMS to produce a wide variety of content that can be transformed into enduring materials. Take advantage of events and various activities, and convert them into long-lasting versions simply by uploading recorded content and developing it into enduring content that can be offered for purchase, increasing the revenue for your organization.

5. Capitalize on Popular Sessions

You can take original popular presentations and create any of the following content with them:

  • Seminars
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Conferences
  • Symposia
  • Annual meetings
  • Focus groups
  • Advisory boards
  • Steering committees
  • Grand rounds
  • Regularly scheduled series

6. Create Brand Recognition as a Provider of Quality Content

You want your organization to be recognized as a provider of quality content. When CME event attendees know you as such, you essentially create brand recognition as a leading education provider. Those attending your event will return for even more virtual events, and by doing so, they will continue to purchase places at your events and buy the materials once the event has finished. It's a win-win for everyone: your attendees get quality content for your attendees, and your organization gets new revenue.

7. Promote Your CME Event Content to Your Learners

Using a robust email tool enables you to contact your CME event attendees in several ways. Contact them just as you would your CME course learners, but use your email feature to promote your events, and be sure to let them know about your new on-demand materials.

Increase Your New Revenue with EthosCE

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