Online Video Management Tips for Businesses

online video management

Companies have various video strategies and use cases. They are using video to educate, explain, sell, and perform tasks such as training, business development, and more. Even though companies are storing their videos, they often fail in making them actionable. This proves to be costly for most companies because they are not using the full potential of their videos.

For example, suppose that a company uses a video to train their new employees in order to ensure that they achieve desired results. This method works for them but puts them at risk of losing interest in the future. The video only provides basic training and does not cater to every employee's needs. The company has failed in making the video actionable.

Companies can also fail if they use old and outdated technology when managing videos online because it doesn’t make the task easier or faster. To overcome this, companies should invest time and money into a system that ensures the usage of up-to-date technology designed specifically for online video management and storage. Specifically, the system should have the following features.


Transcription is a valuable method that most companies don’t do because of lack of time and money. The idea behind this is simple: companies need to ensure that they have subtitles or captions for their videos.

These make your videos searchable in various ways and ensure an increase in viewership compared to non-transcribed videos. Due to the easy accessibility of search engines, you will find that most viewers use this method to locate their required content rather than look for the video on your website. The use of transcripts is a good way to make videos actionable.

High Levels of Security

When companies use non-secure systems to store their videos and other content, they are putting themselves in a vulnerable position. This is a security risk because the market contains malicious people who will exploit your system to their advantage.

Appropriate Access Controls

Companies need to make sure they have set up the right access controls for the content stored in their systems. Ensure that you have restricted the access of your video library only to people who can create actionable videos. Company staff members can work with a tool that they are comfortable with and only access the information that they require for their jobs. The best platform has an access control model that is meant for the sole user. This method helps make sure only one person has access to the library, and it ensures the safety of the information stored in the system.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Companies save money and time when they work with a platform that uses simple tools and enables them to create actionable videos easily. A good tool will enable company members to add audio, images, or other related content using just a few clicks of a button.

Companies should use online video management solutions for businesses because these can help reduce training costs by providing the right guidance through video tutorials and ensuring that no single aspect is left out during the production of actionable videos.

Advanced Analytics

Companies should not only be concerned with the products that they have created, but they must also analyze and track their productions. This is where advanced analytics come into play. These help companies in many ways, especially when it comes to training employees. The analysis of data helps them understand what areas need improvement.

How will you know if your actors or models are performing well unless you have a tool that allows for such analysis? This tool enables companies to create actionable videos by ensuring that all available information is used while creating them.

Workflow Tracking

A company won’t know that people are following its set of instructions for making actionable videos without the use of a workflow-tracking system.

It ensures smooth running and the completion of work at hand in the right order. It creates a path that helps people understand how the process works and what they should do to complete it in the most effective way possible.

Actionable Video Templates

A template is one of the best ways to ensure that people take action on your video content, as it enables them to do exactly what they are required to do without fail. For instance, if you want your customer service personnel to handle certain scenarios using an actionable video, you can create a script for them, so they can follow all their tasks without straying off track.

This ensures that customers get quality customer care and that management receives reports on how they are doing. The bottom line is that templates help people do what you want them to, without fail.

Learning Management System (LMS) and Application Integration

Companies can easily synchronize their LMS with this system to ensure that they are getting the most from it. They also have the option of integrating applications, like HR and CRM, into these systems in order to ensure that all data is up to date.

Simple Conversion Process

People will not make use of your tools or platform if they find them complicated or difficult to understand. Therefore, you need a solution that makes the conversion process simple and easy, so people can work on any device instantly, without being required to go through any kind of documentation.

Compatibility across Platforms

Companies must select platforms that are compatible across mobile devices and desktop computers because staff may be working from different locations. This tool ensures that they can continue their work process without any hindrance.

It is important for companies to invest in the right online video management solutions. A good platform will make it easy to create actionable videos that provide training and support. It can also help with employee development, customer care, and marketing efforts.

Companies should not only be concerned with their product, but they must also analyze how they are performing. Data analysis can help them understand what areas need improvement.

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