3 Reasons Businesses Should Be Thinking about Private Video Hosting

private video hosting

The use of videos as the preferred tool for collaboration and communication in business has sky-rocketed in the past year. From internal video calls/team meetings and one-on-one conversations to external video calls with a client or prospect and even online events, so much information is shared internally and externally in video forms.

There’s also an increasing need to securely store and share these videos for on-demand viewing. The typical go-to solutions for many professionals are platforms like Vimeo and YouTube. They seem like reasonable solutions because they are free, and you don’t need to think about hosting and streaming on your server.

Here’s where the problem lies: the kind of information being shared in work-related videos is not ideal for public platforms. You don’t want to have your employee training videos all over YouTube or trust Vimeo with a task-brief video containing proprietary information.

Also, managing and organizing all this video content into actionable content as a company asset is not easy with platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. This is where private video hosting platforms come in.

Let’s take a look at a few highly rewarding reasons that you should consider hosting your videos privately.

1. Manage and securely share video content with ease

Private video hosting platforms offer so much flexibility and peace of mind when it comes to organizing and sharing your work videos.

Here’s what we mean by that:

  • You can batch upload your videos and tag for better organization.
  • Trim and clip your videos to a perfect cut with ease.
  • Sort and search for videos by tag, title, and contributions.
  • Use advanced sharing options to grant access to selected users or be open to the public, your entire teams, or even a guest user, while defining the level of access at the same time.
  • Create video media libraries, build playlists, and custom embed anywhere with specific rules.

2. Capture and turn video calls into actionable content asset

A few private video hosting platforms like Warpwire enable you to connect Zoom accounts and automatically publish cloud recordings to your media libraries safely.

What this means is that you can finally turn those Zoom scrum meetings, product demonstrations, live events, and employee training into assets that you can use as a knowledge base for employees or even create audience-facing content from them.

For instance, you might have had a Zoom session where the marketing team made a presentation analyzing your competitive landscape. Hosting this type of video privately on platforms like Warpwire enables you to trim as you want and later share safely with a remote copywriter that you hired.

You can also use these private platforms to automatically transcribe your video meetings into text. For example, if you had a video interview with a happy customer, you can automatically transcribe this interview into a case study and share it on your blog.

Hosting your work videos privately provides endless possibilities that are only limited by your creativity when it comes to turning those videos into content assets for your business.

3. Seamlessly integrate with your LMS and CMS

Unlike hosting videos on public platforms, with a good private video hosting platform, you can integrate LMS and CMS systems to easily share your video media libraries directly with learners or customers.

This will greatly streamline the process of creating content for your courses because you already have all your video content organized in one place. You can easily turn videos from your staff training sessions (that were published directly to your media library from Zoom) into a knowledge base for your staff. Integrating with your LMS can turn these videos into a structured knowledge base for your employees and future employees.

With Warpwire, account creation is automatic. It integrates with an institution's Single Sign-On system, giving every account access to the secure video platform according to the defined role and group permissions.

Experience the power of private video hosting

The list of reasons that you should start thinking about using private platforms to host your videos is endless. You can create one-to-many live broadcasts with chat, add accessibility options to your videos, and get robust media analytics to gauge the impact of your videos. Hosting your videos privately is an investment with great return.

However, it is important to note that not all platforms that can host your videos privately will give you the power to do all these things. Warpwire is one private video hosting platform that generously offers all these solutions and more.

Warpwire's video platform provides analytics to help you track media assets, media libraries, and system-wide usage. Designed to explore engagement, Warpwire's reports provide deep insight into how your institution interacts with media.

To see how we can help you better leverage your video content, get in touch with us today!